5 reasons to get motorized window blinds  

Getting motorized window blinds may seem like a decision based solely on luxury and the convenience of not having to get up. While that is a major perk, motorized blinds offer a whole lot more that can really enhance and benefit your entire home.

Pillar Installations in Edmonton offers a wide selection of window coverings, including motorized window blinds. It shares some more the benefits of motorized blinds and why you need them:

1. They are super convenient and safe

Not only is it super convenient to not have to stand up each time you want to open or close your blinds, but it’s also quite safe. At the push of a button, not only will your blinds will raise or lower, but this also means there are no more cords. Tempting strings can entice your pets or small animals or be a safety hazard for small children. However, motorized blinds mean no strings attached and as such, no risk to your family!

2. Increase your home’s value and save energy 

Having motorized features in a home is increasingly becoming a popular and desired aspect that will appeal to many potential buyers. Having motorized blinds will give you a boost in the housing market, as both a luxury feature and an aesthetic perk. Additionally, motorized blinds will help save and improve your home’s energy efficiency. The blinds can be programmed to close during hotter days, keeping both the sun and heat out. Likewise, they can be programmed to open up during sunny winter days, to allow the heat in. This way, you save on monthly expenses by not constantly having to use your HVAC to heat or cool your home.

3. Automated safety 

In addition to using automated features to maintain your home’s temperature levels, this feature can be used for security. If you are going away for a longer vacation, automated blinds can create the appearance of someone being home. Scheduling the blinds to open or change positions, will help keep your home looking occupied and deter possible threats. Read more steps to take to help keep your home safe while you are away.

4. Improved sleep and set mechanized alarm clock

Regular blinds do a great job of keeping the light out, but there is always some light that manages to sneak in during the early morning hours. With motorized blinds you can get absolute blackout in your bedroom. That means a better and longer sleep at night, and for naps during the day. You can also set your blinds to open at a certain time, so instead of an alarm clock, you can wake up naturally to the sunlight.

5. Protect your furniture and flooring

By doubling up on a window covering that only filters in soft lighting and setting a timer for your motorized blinds to close at certain times, you can protect your interior. Direct and strong sunlight on floors and furniture can cause fading and damage over the years. With a motorized blind though, you can protect your floors when you are at work all day. A timer for your blinds means your home gets the lighting you want, without the damage of full sunlight.

Window Coverings in Edmonton 

Pillar Installations offers both a wide selection of window coverings, as well as its expertise in choosing the best fit for your home. Whether it is a matter of appearance, functionality or luxury, it is the expert to help. From selection to installation, the company is there at every step of the way to ensure absolute satisfaction.

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