5 Reasons to Install a Central Vacuum

After builders cleaning with vacuum cleaner

Vacuuming can be an annoying chore. It’s noisy, inconvenient and most vacuum cleaners break down and need replacing too frequently. If you’re tired of heavy, awkward vacuum cleaners and wondering if your floors are actually getting clean, installing a central vacuum in your home could be the solution. Here are 5 reasons to install a central vacuum:

1. Central vacuums are easier to use.

With a central vacuum system, you won’t have to worry about power cords, filling up and replacing vacuum bags, filter problems, untimely vacuum repair or replacements.

2. Central vacuum promote cleaner air quality.

Central vacuums keep the air cleaner by extracting the dirt, dust and other allergens off the floors and out of the house. Instead of blowing around the house, the dirt and debris is quickly sucked into the main power unit where it is exhausted outside of the house. Studies show that a central vacuum system will keep the air cleaner than portable vacuums and that those with allergies will notice a reduction in their reactions.

3. Central vacuums clean your floors better.

The motor in a central vac can be up to three times stronger than a typical portable vacuum. Since they are typically stored in a cooler place, like the basement or garage, the motor is able to last longer and offer a more powerful suction through the network of pipes and the hose. Not only will you experience cleaner floors, you will also extend the lifespan of your carpet by removing more deep dirt and particles that will damage and wear it out over time.

4. Central vacuums are quieter.

When you power up the vacuum cleaner, it makes it nearly impossible for anyone else in the room or even the house to talk on the phone, hear the television or take a nap. A central vacuum is very quiet in comparison. Since the main source of noise is coming from the motor, and that is located in the basement, the only thing you’ll hear is the air flowing through the head of the vacuum.

5. Central vacuums are a good investment.

Central vacuums require less maintenance and do not need to be replaced nearly as often as portable vacuums. In fact, a central vacuum could go up to 10 years without needing to replace any major accessories. That means they save money over time and will eventually recoup the cost of the initial installation. Plus, having a central vacuum system is attractive to potential home buyers should you decide to put your home up for sale.


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