5 Reasons You Should Consider Going Solar

It’s obvious that going solar is not a decision to be taken lightly. This is a huge change in your and your family’s lifestyle. More importantly, this is a huge investment. But, like any other investment, going solar means a better future. You just need to think of it long-term. After all, if you’re planning to settle down in the home you currently own for life, you can allow yourself to think far ahead into the future, and expect an amazing return of investment over 25 years. Of course, there are plenty of reasons why you should be considering solar power in the first place. Keep on reading to find out more about it.

1. Be independent from the grid

Traditional electricity sources use up fossil fuels. And, when it comes to fossil fuels you simply never know what to expect price-wise. The market for traditional electricity is ever-changing and price-altering – sometimes on a daily basis. This is one of the many reasons why so many people have decided to switch to solar electricity. Energy you harvest from the sun is constant and cannot change its price. Not to mention that utilizing sun power is a lot more eco-friendly compared to spending the Earth’s resources such as coal and natural gas. Moreover, you can forget about the constant dependence on utility providers. Among many other benefits of going solar, you can be sure that you won’t have to worry about random power outages or providers deciding to up the electricity prices. What’s more, even if there’s no sun, you can easily use the accumulated solar power. There’s absolutely no excess energy spilling onto the grid, it’s all stored for later use.

2. Add value to your property

Home owners are always looking for ways to boost their home’s value, and there’s no better way to do exactly that than by going solar. In the end, even if you want to live in your home forever, you never know what may happen in the future to change your plans. After all, this is a sure investment in your property that will save a lot of money in the long run, make the whole property independent of utility providers and aid in your sustainability – a wise decision when it comes to securing and bettering your future. Not to mention that traditional electricity means a lot of energy losses due to the transportation distance from the source to the household. With solar panels, you can easily control your own energy consumption and, consequently, your energy bills. For example, you can opt for an efficient 5kW solar system from Skylight Energy and then effectively adjust the household’s daily need for electricity however you see fit.

3. Protect the environment

Another obvious reason why so many people are looking into going solar has everything to do with saving the environment. By minimizing the use of traditional electricity sources, you’re also minimizing your carbon footprint. Solar energy is a clean and completely green source of energy that doesn’t affect the environment negatively in any way. It does need a source of clean water to function but that’s it as far as it goes. By using solar power, you’re actually reducing the emissions of greenhouse gasses, embracing the more sustainable electricity source and doing your bit for cleaner air, water and soil. All that with greater energy security to back your household up!

4. Tax incentives

Many countries today support the citizens’ decision to go solar by offering tax incentives so that people who use solar energy are actually liable for smaller payments to the government when income taxes are concerned. For example, in the US, “The Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is currently a 30 percent federal tax credit claimed against the tax liability of residential (Section 25D) and commercial and utility (Section 48) investors in solar energy property.” Similarly, there’s a Solar Panel Rebate in Australia. In general, the higher the STC price, the more ‘rebate’ you get.

5. Solar is the future

Traditional sources of energy such as fossil fuels are not only polluting the environment but the resources themselves are also dwindling. Switching to solar power is only a logical step for the future we as a civilization are headed for. Even though the initial investment may seem costly, you will soon feel the benefits of the return on investment when solar energy is concerned. Not to mention that you’ll be able to enjoy the electricity on your own terms. What’s more, solar power is not only a great solution for electricity, but heating as well. Solar panels can be utilized effectively so that they actually convert the harvested energy into heating solutions. In that respect, solar is not only the future we’re waiting for, but it’s also the present that’s making the future brighter, more sustainable and more environmentally-friendly.


Author’s  bio:

Robert Clayton is a blogger with a degree in engineering based in Sydney. His interests and passions include DIY, green technologies and home improvement. He also loves good food, music, dogs and enjoys spending time by the ocean. He’s a regular contributor for Smooth Decorator, An Australian Home improvement website.



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