5 Signs It’s Time for an Exterior Renovations

Exterior renovation by MCM Home Exteriors.

Exterior renovation by MCM Home Exteriors.

Is your home starting to look a little worn out? Exterior renovations do more than just boost curb appeal, although that is very important. Keeping your home well-maintained and up to date will improve energy efficiency, prevent major issues and costly repairs down the road, protect your home from the harsh elements and increase property value.

MCM Home Exteriors in Edmonton shares 5 tell-tale signs it’s time for an exterior renovation:

1. Your shingles are curling and peeling.

When asphalt shingles have outlived their lifespan, they start to curl, peel and even come away from the roof. If you notice this happening on your roof, it is time for a replacement. Waiting too long for a roof replacement could compromise your home. Any moisture or water that gets in could cause more extensive and expensive damage.

2. Your windows and doors are old and drafty.

If you have a noticeable draft coming in from your windows and doors, or can visibly see warping and damage, then you are probably losing a lot of energy. In fact, windows are the number one culprit for heat loss in the winter. Upgrade your old, damaged windows with new energy efficient vinyl windows and start saving on your month utility bills.

3. Your gutters are damaged.

Your gutters, or eavestroughs, play a major roll in your home’s drainage system. If your gutters are coming apart from your home or your downspouts are in disrepair, that means the water from snow and rain won’t be able to run away from your home. Water that pools around the base of your house could penetrate your foundation, get into window wells and cause moisture or flooding in your basement. Ask MCM Home Exteriors about their gutter, soffits and fascia services.

4. Your siding is damaged or worn out.

Your siding’s ability to protect your home from the weather is critical to keeping your home protected from water damage and performing at peak efficiency. A vinyl siding replacement will ensure your home is protected, increase energy efficiency and boost curb appeal.   

5. Your home is looking really dated.

Has everyone else in the neighbourhood upgraded their exterior? If you look at your home among the row of houses on your block and feel like you’ve gone through a time warp, then it’s time for an exterior renovation! Not only will keeping your home looking current increase your curb appeal and resale value, it will also increase your personal enjoyment of your home.

Exterior Renovations in Edmonton

The professionals at MCM Home Exteriors have been renovating Alberta homes for over 30 years. Whether you want to lower your energy bill, boost your property value or improve your home’s aesthetic appeal, they can help. The next time you need professional exterior renovations in Edmonton, Red Deer and surrounding areas call MCM Home Exteriors.

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