5 signs you have a problem with your home’s electrical system

Electricity provides incredible conveniences to our homes, but it can also pose a major hazard if not installed or maintained properly. Many warning signs that there is a problem with your electrical system are subtle. Faulty wiring is a major cause of house fires every year, so it’s essential to learn the signs something is wrong, so you can act quickly before it’s too late.

Remember, always call certified electricians in Calgary to handle electrical repairs and installations. This ensures the work is done correctly, and that your home and family are safe. It also makes sure your home’s electrical is up to code. If something should go wrong, many insurance policies will not cover DIY electrical work.

Westland Electric in Calgary shares 5 signs you have a problem with your home’s electrical system:

1. Circuit breakers are constantly tripping

If you’re constantly running to your electrical panel to reset a tripped breaker, that circuit is being overloaded. Circuit breakers are designed to fail if they carry an unsafe load of electrical current. It is to prevent overheating within your electrical system and electrical fires. It could be that the appliance you are trying to run on that breaker requires too much power, or that the circuit is damaged in some way. In many cases, it means you’re putting too much load on that circuit and it needs to be upgraded. Call an electrician to inspect the circuit and make recommendations.

2. Lights dim or flicker

Dimming and flickering lights are tell-tale signs that there is too much load on a circuit. If every time the microwave runs or the furnace kicks in, the lights dim, it means that circuit is handling too much electricity. Light fixtures themselves typically do not use enough power themselves to cause overload. If you check out the fixture and it is not noticeably damaged, contact a Calgary electrician to check it out the circuit. You might have to move appliances to different circuits or have a circuit upgraded to meet your electrical needs.

3. You smell burning

If you detect a burning or strange smell coming from an outlet or switch, it probably means there is a major issue and the wiring is overheating behind the faceplate. Whatever you have plugged into the outlet should be turned off and unplugged. Do not use that outlet again until you can have it checked out by a professional electrician. If you detect a burning smell from your breaker panel, contact an electrician immediately.

4. Switch and outlet plates are hot to touch

Outlets and switch plates should never feel hot. It is okay if it feels slightly warm to the touch when in use, but if it’s noticeably hot, turn it off or unplug whatever is connected to it. If after a while it still feels hot, even without anything plugged into it, it might mean faulty wiring. If you notice the plate has burn or scorch marks on it, you definitely have a problem. Contact an electrical contractor in Calgary to have it inspected. For safety’s sake, they might ask that you turn off the breaker to that circuit until an electrician can take a look at it and make sure it’s not a fire or electrocution hazard.

5. You hear buzzing sounds

Electricity does not have a sound when working properly. Fraying wire, loose wiring, and other problems with your electrical system can cause a jump in the current. This jump is what causes that buzzing sound. If you can hear buzzing from an outlet, stop using it immediately and contact an electrician.

If you detect any of these warning signs or suspect other problems with your electrical system, do not hesitate to contact Westland Electric.


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