5 Signs you need an electrical panel upgrade

The electrical panel in your basement is one of the most critical components of your home’s operating system. It is responsible for delivering power to your home, giving you comfort and convenience. The panel brings electricity from the grid into your house and routes it through circuits to various parts of your home.

Modern homes today use more electricity than homes used to, but some of us are still using older outdated panels. In the 1950s, we didn’t have home theatre systems, video game consoles, multiple computers, security systems, electric vehicles and other devices to power. If you have an old panel, it won’t be able to support that much electricity.

4-Star Electric shares some signs you might need an electrical upgrade:

Your home is older and you’ve never had an upgrade.

Back in the day, you could get all the power you needed in a 60-amp electrical panel. These days, you’ll need a 100 or even 200-amp panel to use modern electronics and appliances. If your appliances aren’t performing well, lights flicker or the breaker keeps tripping, it probably means you need to upgrade your panel. Learn how to check the amp size of a home’s electrical service. 

You are using extension cords for permanent solutions.

You should never use extension cords for long-term solutions. They are not as safe as you think. They’re designed to be used for the short-term. Cords in the middle of the room are a tripping hazard. They’ll get kicked, pinched and can even damage outlets. If you have too much plugged into them, they can be a fire hazard. If you need more outlets, you’ll have to upgrade the circuit and likely the panel.

The breakers keep tripping.

Circuits are designed to break when there is too much electricity overloading them. It’s a safety feature. If they didn’t trip, your home could be susceptible to fire. If you find yourself constantly visiting your panel to reset the circuit breaker, it means you need an upgrade.

You don’t even have circuit breakers.

If your panel is still using a fused-base system, call 4-Star Electric for an upgrade right away. Fuses can perform a similar function to circuit breakers, but they won’t trip if their overloaded. They’ll melt, short-circuit or blow. Then they must be replaced. There is a small fire risk with fuses too, so it’s best to go with a circuit breaker system.

You need to upgrade the panel for new appliances.

If you’re replacing appliances and other heavy-consumers of electricity like a hot tub or air conditioner, you should upgrade your old electrical panel. A certified electrician will make sure you have the power you need for all your new appliances and devices to function properly and safely.

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