5 signs you need new carpet flooring

Carpet is a great flooring option. It is soft and comfortable, attractive and can last for years to come. Poor quality carpet or faulty installation can cause a carpet to wear quickly. Or, if your old carpet is starting to show its age, it might be time to replace it. BFC Flooring Design Centre in Edmonton shares some tell-tale signs you need a carpet replacement:

1. There are stains.

Spills happen! Cleaning up spills immediately can help reduce staining, but over many years your carpet can start to look grubby. Stained backing will have to be removed. Try to have it professionally cleaned. If the stains remain and you can’t bare them, it’s time for a carpet replacement.

2. It’s worn out.

Quality carpet can last a long time, but it’s not completely invincible to wear and tear. Choosing the right carpet and underlay for how it’ll be used, and your lifestyle can help it last longer. However, over the years, your carpet can start to look worn out, especially in high traffic areas. If you’ve noticed matted or frayed areas, it might be time for a new floor.

3. It stinks.

Stinky carpets can be an issue if you’re moving into a new home. Overtime, your own carpet might develop an odour. Lots of things can cause a carpet to stink including pet mess, smoking, cooking, mildew and mold. If a good professional cleaning doesn’t get out the smell, a new carpet and underlay will.

4. It’s damaged.

Water can damage your carpet flooring. If you’ve had a flood or a leaky pipe that has caused water to saturate the floor, you must deal with it immediately. Otherwise, mold and mildew can start to grow. Mold poses a health risk and will require professional remediation. If this is the case, you will definitely need new carpet flooring.

5. You want a change.

Sometimes, wanting a new look for your home is reason enough to buy new carpet. Whether your carpet is severely dated or you’re just ready for a change, BFC Flooring Design Centre can help. They can show you a wide range of carpet types, colours, piles and styles. You can choose something that suits your design style and lifestyle too. Looking for something different? Check out these unique carpet flooring ideas.

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BFC Flooring Design Centre is a family owned and operated business. They offer knowledgeable sales consultants, large product selection, and top-quality installations to the Edmonton area. If you need new flooring, visit BFC Flooring Design Centre!


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