5 signs you need to repair or replace your electrical panel

Our lives are powered by electricity. From charging phones to keeping the fridge cold, your home’s electrical panel is an indispensable part of your daily life. Therefore, your panel must be in good repair. Outdated and damaged electrical panels also pose a severe fire hazard to your home and family. You should schedule electrical inspections in Calgary if you suspect issues with your electrical system.

Enerpro Electrical Services share five signs you need to repair or replace your electrical panel:

1. Your panel is too old

You should replace your electrical panel every 25 to 40 years. That seems like a wide timeframe, but it depends on your current system and your family’s electrical needs. If you’ve owned your home for that long and never replaced the panel, then it’s time to call an electrician.

Older panels are more likely to fail and struggle to meet modern power demands. For example, your older panel might not have the capacity to run your new modern-day electronics and appliances.

2. You have a fuse box- not an electrical panel

Fuse boxes directed the electricity in your home before modern electrical panels were the norm. In fact, fuse boxes were considered state-of-the-art before the 1960s. However, they no longer meet the minimum standards for safety and are a severe fire hazard. If your home has a fuse box, then you must upgrade immediately.

3. Breakers are constantly tripping

Repeatedly tripping breakers signify that your panel may need to be repaired or upgraded. Breakers flip for a variety of reasons- some more serious than others. For example, if an area of your home draws too much power all at once, the breaker will flip. This means you need to either use less power or upgrade your panel to meet your power needs. On the other hand, constantly tripping breakers can also indicate faulty wiring, a bad breaker, or other problems. Regardless, it’s time to book an electrical repair in Calgary!

4. You need more power

Modern life requires a lot of power. Kitchen appliances, televisions, computers, and the myriad of charging technological devices all draw from electrical panels. This demand is simply too great for older and outdated panels that were never designed to handle that much power. Furthermore, adding new appliances and devices can max out even newer electrical panels.

If you’re remodelling your home, make sure your panel is up to the task. You can ask Enerpro Electrical Services if an electrical service and panel upgrade would serve you better.

5. The panel smells like it’s burning

Mysterious burning smells are always a cause for concern. If your electrical panel has a burning smell, contact your electrician immediately. Burning can indicate exposed wires, melting plastic, or scorched shielding on the wires. Alternatively, the burning smell could be caused by a failing circuit breaker, which can lead to a serious house fire.

It’s time to upgrade your electrical panel

Outdated and malfunctioning electrical panels are an inconvenience and safety hazard. If your electrical panel is too old, unable to keep up with your home’s power demands, smells like it’s burning, or if the breakers are constantly tripping, you need to repair or replace it. Fortunately, finding trusted electricians in Calgary is easy with RenovationFind.

Enerpro Electrical Services Inc are RenovationFind certified electricians. They provide free basic electrical safety inspections with every one of their service calls to keep your home and family safe. Their knowledge, experience, and use of high-quality parts ensures customer satisfaction on all residential and commercial projects.

Contact Enerpro Electrical Services to book your next electrical inspection!

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