5 Signs Your Boiler Need Repairs

No appliance lasts forever. Therefore, it’s your duty to check them from time to time and see if they need some work done. Following, we are sharing the common 5 reasons a boiler stops working. We are explaining what these signs are and what you can do to get your boiler working again.

No Hot Water

An obvious sign your boiler is not up to speed. There are high chances that the thermostat is turned way down, and if you did it yourself, the problem could be severe.

Low pressure can also contribute, therefore always check your boiler’s pressure gauge, and if the pressure is lower than one, then you need to call in a professional.

Another contributing factor is a broken part, most likely a valve which needs replacement. If you see any of these signs or believe the issue is much severe, then it’s time to call for help.

Water Pressure is Low

If you got hot water, but it’s not coming out of the pipes properly, then there is something wrong with the boiler’s pressure. Even worse, there might be something wrong with your house, so check your main line water pressure before concluding.

Leak and blockage also kill your water pressure. If you believe your system leaks, then call in Calgary Boiler experts. They have the tools and training necessary to find and fix these issues.


Strange noises from the boiler may make you believe your house is haunted. It’s nothing like that, but if you insist, ask a preacher to come in and bless your home. Anyways, banging noises are scary and can convince you to buy a new boiler.

Sometimes, the air in the system can make these noises. Yes, air makes gurgle, whistling, and banging noises, and is a sign that your boiler is in serious need of repairs.













These noises also suggest that your pipes are not fitted properly, and they knock each other as air or water goes through them. In such case, you need to adjust or refit the pipes. Pump failure is another cause.  As it deteriorates, the pump gets loud. So diagnose and replace it.

Pilot Light Goes Out

Has the pilot light diffused? If so, then you might want to re-light it. But before you do it, you better check the gas supply first and make sure it’s working properly. If the gas doesn’t work, then you need to call in professional help.

A few common reasons the pilot light goes out are:

  • A draft blew it out
  • The build-up of dirt and grime in the pilot light
  • Thermocouple broke down

Leaks and Drips

As the boiler is used to heat water, and heated water ruins metal at faster rates, you should expect leaks and corrosion both inside and outside the boiler. Therefore, you need to check the pipes and valves from time to time to make sure they are in working condition and won’t disrupt the boiler. Or more info, contact your local boiler repair.

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