5 Stairs and Railing Trends

Your staircase and railings play a significant role in your home’s interior appearance and design. Sure, stairs need to play a functional role, but why not give them a little style?

Artistic Stairs in Calgary and Edmonton are your premier source for stairs, spindles, railings, banisters, and more! They share how a staircase can create a focal point with these creative stairs and railings trends.

1. Wood steps and handrail with white balusters

Keeping things simple can go a long way. Keep the rich, natural tone of your wood steps and handrail, and pair it with white risers and balusters. You can paint your current balusters white or replace them with new ones. The white features will make that beautifully polished wood pop.

2. Horizontal railings

Typically a staircase will have balusters that run up and down, but what about ones that run horizontally. This modern railing style offers excellent visual appeal with clean lines and minimalist style. Your horizontal railings can be a solid bar of metal or wood or a metal cable. Horizontal railings are safe, practical, and offer a unique change compared to traditional vertical railing systems.

3. Unique metal spindles with a wood handrail

Combining metal and wood creates a timeless look that you’ll love for years to come. Choose from a selection of unique, intricate spindles to create a pattern heading up the stairs. For example, you can have straight metal spindles, with every third spindle having a twist or unique design. Black spindles will give an elegant look when paired with a dark wood rail.

4. Glass railings for a modern look

Glass railings are increasing in popularity. Totally customizable, glass creates a sleek look and is easy to maintain. It is simple and elegant and complements a range of design styles, including modern, contemporary, and traditional. Its transparency can make a narrow staircase feel wider and the room more spacious. You can combine glass with metal or wood rails and choose from different tints or transparencies. Artistic Stairs can customize your glass staircase railings to match your home’s interior design style.

5. Spiral staircases give a visual twist

Thanks to the popularity of open floor plans, spiral staircases are becoming more popular in homes. Stair builders can customize a spiral staircase to match any interior design style. For example, you can have wooden steps with a metal frame and railing system. Or, your spiral staircase can have a wood handrail and glass panels to create a wide-open look. Depending on your home’s layout, a spiral staircase can also be a solution if you lack space for a large built-in staircase.

For more inspiration, check out these trendy stairs and railings ideas.

Stairs and Railings in Calgary and Edmonton

Artistic Stairs offers custom stairs and railings built and installed by skilled craftsmen. They take pride in their work, are detail-oriented, and can help you design your stairs and railing renovation. Visit their showrooms in Calgary and Edmonton, view their style gallery online, and start planning.

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