5 Steps for Buying New Windows

Written by Rusco Industries Calgary Ltd.

Buying new windows for your home is an exciting project to undertake. Replacing tired old panes with bright new ones will brighten your rooms, add to your home’s curb appeal and improve your household’s energy efficiency. Here are the five steps needed to buy new windows in Calgary.

1. Select a style

Bay windows are lovely and refined, brightening even the darkest of spaces. These large windows extend outward from the room at an angle and thereby expand both the visual and actual space.

Bow windows add visual appeal and brightness, resulting in instantaneous drama or elegance. They are similar to bay windows, only more curved and with a greater number of individual panes of glass that are smaller in size.

The Garden/Greenhouse window extends outward from the home, but is much smaller than a bay or bow window. They can be customized with a glass shelf and are often placed in kitchens.

Casement windows rest on hinges and open similarly to doors. They come in a range of styles and fit nicely with most Calgary homes.

Sliding varieties, the most affordable type of window, come in a range of styles and can open either vertically or horizontally.”

Learn more about Calgary window types.

2. Choose a frame

There are three basic frame types that we recommend for Calgary homes.

Vinyl – By far the most popular choice for window frames, vinyl is the most cost effective, the easiest to maintain and also the longest lasting. One drawback is that it comes in a limited palette and cannot be painted.

Fiberglass – Twice the price of vinyl but with all the benefits and none of the drawbacks. They can be painted or made to resemble wood.

Wood – A beautiful and traditional choice for window frames, but they require regular maintenance and upkeep.

3. Select additional features

Windows can make more or less of a statement based on the accessories you choose for them, including grills, hardware and mouldings. You’ll pay extra for each of these additions, but they can transform a window from average to awesome.

4. Choose for energy efficiency

Most of the windows on the market today are in fact energy efficient. Simply take note of the U-factor: the lower the number, the better the window will be at keeping heat in. Learn more about energy efficient windows.

5. Hire a qualified installer

Rusco Industries has installed residential windows in Calgary and other nearby areas for over 60 years, with over 100,000 installations. We’re the only window contractor in Calgary who can honestly say we’ve served 3 and 4 generations of clients. Contact us today to request a free in-house estimate.

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