5 Things to consider when building a garage

Adding a garage addition is no small task. A lot goes into building the perfect garage, and the experts at Garage Pros in Grunthal south of Winnipeg have the tools and the know-how to get it done. 

However, before embarking on your project, there are five things you should consider before building a garage addition. 

Zoning laws & permits

In most cases, you require a building permit to build any carpool structure. Whether detached or attached to another structure, such as a house. Knowing what zoning laws exist where you live and what permissions are required is a vital first step in building your garage. Additional permits may be required if electrical work is done on your garage.

Your municipality will also require a building permit for your garage addition. This permit application documentation often includes a site plan, building plan, design, owner’s statement, and other forms. Garage Pros will help provide the documentation required, submit your application, and obtain the permit for your building project.


Another thing to consider when building your garage is its full intended purpose. For example, do you plan to only store your vehicles, or do you need space for your hobbies or tools? Will your garage double as a workshop? Having an idea of what you want in your build helps you determine what unique elements you will need. Learn more about optimizing your garage space!

Car size

Along with the purpose of the garage, you have to consider the size of your car(s). The size of your car influences the overall size of your garage. That means the height of the roof and the size of the storage space. For example, if you have a large SUV and want space for your kayaks and bikes, you’ll need a bigger garage than a person with one small vehicle.


You may not think ventilation is essential in a garage. After all, you can just open the doors when starting your car in the winter. However, while this warms your car up, it releases harmful toxins. Having good ventilation will allow these toxins to vent out of your garage. Ventilation is especially key if you plan on using the garage as a workshop.

Deciding on a plan

The final element of the garage building process is deciding on your ideal garage plan. There are many options when it comes to plans for a new garage. If you consider everything above, you have an idea of what you need to include. Meeting with the experts at Garage Pros is the first step in developing your perfect garage plan. 

Garage Builders in Winnipeg

Garage Pros has over 25 years of experience building garages in Manitoba. Each tradesperson on their team has more than 15 years of experience in the industry. You only deal with one person selling and coordinating your build, so you can trust your ideas and goals are heard, and your best interests are taken to heart.

See the experts at Garage Pros today and get your dream build started!

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