5 things to consider when replacing windows

A window replacement is a major expense. Investing in quality, energy efficient windows has many benefits and a good return. When investing in a window replacement, it’s there are important considerations to make.

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Choosing the right window installation company.

How your windows are installed is very important. Faulty installation can lead to problems down the road including leaks and water damage to your trim and walls. Always make sure you hire an experienced, professional window installer like All Weather Windows Renovations for any window renovation project. Otherwise, you might have to have your windows replaced again sooner than later.

Energy efficiency.

Your windows play a major role in your home’s overall energy efficiency. Always check for the ENERGY STAR® label before purchasing any windows. ENERGY STAR® certified windows and doors have passed the test for energy efficiency to the highest standard. All Weather Windows Renovations manufactures and installs ENERGY STAR certified windows.

Materials the window is made of.

Not all window is created equal. Some manufactures make cheap windows out of poor-quality materials. All Weather Windows has mastered the window manufacturing process and offers three material options: acrylic wrap, aluminum clad PVC and PVC. Each have their own unique advantages. View their windows catalogue for detailed information.

Type of window.

There are many different types of windows to choose from. Each have their own unique features, advantages and uses. For window styles, choose from awning, bay, bow, casement, fixed, hung, picture or slider windows.



Before you purchase windows, ask the company about the warranty. They should offer a warranty on both the products and the installation. All Weather Windows Renovations offers peace of mind warranties on their products and installation, including transferable warranties. Click here to learn more.

Windows in Calgary

All Weather Windows Renovations has been in the window and door manufacturing industry for over 37 years. They are committed to prioritizing comfort, lowering costs and reducing environmental impact. By combining high-quality product lines with a great warranty program, you get a window company that is well equipped to meet your needs.

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