5 Things to Do Before Finishing Your Basement

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Renovating your unfinished basement has many benefits. It can nearly double your functional living space, provide storage solutions and even increase your property value. If you’re thinking about finally finishing your basement, consider these tips from Total Touch Contracting in Edmonton:

1. Create a good floor plan.

When you work with a renovation company like Total Touch Contracting, they will help you create a functional floor plan that is both practical and has good flow. They’ll make sure that roughing in new plumbing or connecting to existing plumbing is done the most efficiently when putting in a bathroom or wet bar and can make suggestions on where the living area and any bedrooms should be. For example, the basement family room should be in a spot that gets the most natural light and bedrooms need to be against the outside wall, so they can have egress windows.

2. Check and fix any moisture issues.

Make sure your basement doesn’t have any moisture or water issues before starting the renovation. Leaky windows or moisture coming in from the foundation need to be dealt with immediately. If not, water will damage your new basement and will be costly to fix! Inspect the windows and foundation walls for any signs of moisture. You can also check the floor joists, rim and header joists for water damage and rot.

3. Make sure utility pipes are insulated before closing them in.

If you have exposed water pipes along the outside wall, make sure that they are insulated with a slip foam sleeve before you frame and drywall over them. Not only will this help prevent heat loss from your pipes and improve efficiency, it will also prevent your pipes from freezing and condensation from building up and dripping inside the walls. Learn how to wrap pipes for cold weather.

4. Make sure you have enough head room!

Basement renovators will tell you how much clearance you’ll need in your finished basement to pass building code requirements. Home built in the 1950s or earlier might have basements with very low ceilings and even lower pipes and ducts. You might have to have these mechanical systems relocated to make your living space compliant to code. Plus, you’ll enjoy your basement a lot more if you don’t have to bend over all the time!

5. Have appropriate safe exit routes.

Total Touch Contracting will make sure your basement remodel has the proper safe exit routes in case of an emergency, like a house fire. This includes making sure the bedrooms have egress windows that are compliant to local building code. Not only will this ensure you and your family are safe downstairs, it will also bring more natural light into the rooms.

Basement Renovations in Edmonton

Total Touch Contracting is a renovation and landscaping company that creates meaningful, beautiful interior and exterior spaces for their clients. They set themselves apart by working with integrity and making the experience of property improvement one you will enjoy. They focus on details and will support your ideas and dreams from beginning to end, transforming your property into a living oasis that you can enjoy for years to come.

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