5 Tips for making a chef-inspired kitchen at home

Whether you’re a passionate at-home chef or have dreams of opening your own restaurant, you need a good kitchen in your house. Every chef-inspired kitchen has a few key defining features.

Thomson’s Edge in Ottawa creates quality chef-inspired kitchens and can help you design the kitchen of your dreams. Here are their tips:

1. Lots of counter space

A chef needs ample space to work their magic. Your new chef-inspired kitchen needs lots of clear, durable counter space. A lack of space slows you down, and a cluttered space hinders your cooking. Furthermore, your counters should be able to take a beating. They shouldn’t scratch or stain easily. It’s a good idea to also choose a heat-resistant countertop material, like granite, where you can place hot pans.

2. Highly organized

Organization keeps your counters clear, however, it also makes cooking easier and more efficient. In a chef’s kitchen, tools and equipment are easily accessible. Ingredients can be gathered quickly. Consider hanging pots and pans from a ceiling rack so they are always within reach. Open shelves, wall-mounted knife blocks, and glass-front refrigerators also expedite the cooking process.

3. Efficient layout

You need to be able to move around your kitchen efficiently. Therefore, consider the three major workstations in every kitchen, known as the “kitchen triangle” or “golden triangle.” Moving between the fridge, the cooking zone (stove), and the prep areas (sink and countertop) should be easy.  A well-designed layout also makes the most of the space available, turning even a smaller kitchen into an ultra-useable room. Discover chef’s kitchen organizing hacks.

4. Large sink with a prep sink

Chefs understand the importance of an expanded sink area. After all, the sink is a crucial workstation. You should opt for the largest sink possible, ideally with a separate prep sink as well. The main sink should be large enough to accommodate your biggest pots and pans, as well as cutting boards and other equipment. The prep sink, on the other hand, is used for rinsing ingredients and washing hands.

5. Powerful oven and stove

You should prioritize high-quality appliances in your chef-inspired kitchen, particularly the stove and oven. A high-powered oven with high heat, simmer burners, and infrared boilers is perfect for any chef. Speed ovens are also a good choice if you prefer in-wall units. Additionally, you might consider a dual-range oven or a range cooker. 

Kitchen Renovations in Ottawa

Thomson’s Edge specializes in chef-inspired kitchens in Ottawa. They even have an in-house chef available to design efficient and functional kitchen layouts for their clients. In addition, Thomson’s Edge offers a wide selection of stock, semi-customizable, and fully-customizable cabinets and can help make your dream at-home chef’s kitchen a reality.

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