5 tips for planning a bathroom renovation

Bathroom renovations can improve the function, aesthetics, and value of your home. This cost vs. value report shows that you can add about 60% of the cost of your bathroom renovation to the resale value of your house. That’s a great return on investment compared to other home renovations.

Thoughtful planning, budgeting, and some expert advice will ensure you’re getting the most from your bathroom renovation dollars. Reliable Contracting Services in Edmonton shares helpful tips for planning a bathroom remodel:

Put together a budget first

Decide how much you want to spend on the renovation first. From there, you can start pricing out fixtures, materials, and installation costs. You might find that you can do more, or sometimes less, with your budget. Having this determined before starting the renovation will reduce overspending and ensure your renovation plan meets your needs.

Consider the plumbing

Keeping the layout of your current bathroom will save money on plumbing. Moving fixtures around and retrofitting existing plumbing is more expensive than just swapping out existing fixtures where they are. Sometimes layout changes are necessary, especially when renovating for accessibility. If this is the case, Reliable Contracting Services can advise on the most cost-effective and efficient design for your space.

Choose water-resistant flooring

Avoid laminate and hardwood flooring in the bathroom. Both will not withstand water or moisture. Tile flooring is the high-end choice and, when installed correctly, is water-resistant and long-lasting. Or, choose luxury vinyl tile or vinyl plank flooring. These options are durable, water-resistant, and cost-effectively mimic the look of natural tile or hardwood.

Inspect the ventilation

A critical part of your bathroom renovation is ensuring you have proper ventilation. Your contractor should inspect your current vent to make sure it’s moving air and moisture out as it should. If not, have a new vent installed. Excessive moisture in the bathroom can create damage like peeling paint, water stains, and even mildew and mould.

Choose good lighting

The bathroom should have good ambient lighting with a centralized light fixture. You might also choose to have task lighting at the vanity. Good lighting around the vanity will make tasks like shaving or putting on make-up easier. If you feel the room is too bright, install dimmer switches. Then you can adjust the light and the mood of the room.

Bathroom Renovations in Edmonton

Reliable Contracting Services offers home renovation services in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Their experienced team will help you with the entire process. That includes design, choosing materials, and managing trades and installers throughout the renovation. Get started on your bathroom renovation and book a consultation today.

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