5 Tips to Help Prepare Your Yard for Spring

Woman is raking leaves on lawn in her back yard

It might seem like spring is a long way off, but it will be here before you know it and there are some things you can before spring is in full swing to help prepare your lawn and yard for a healthy growing season. HHS Contracting in Edmonton offers these 5 tips to help prepare your yard for spring:

1. Clear your yard of debris.

The first thing you should do is remove any dead leaves, branches that may have blown onto your lawn and other debris. Give your lawn, trees and shrubs a general inspection. If you find any dead or broken branches on your trees, have them removed now.

2. Trim your trees and shrubs while it’s still frosty.

The best time to prune your deciduous trees and shrubs is when they are still dormant, preferably in the very early spring before any growth starts. At this time, the trees will heal almost at once and more rapidly. It will have less of a negative effect on the growth of the tree compared to pruning it in the summer when it is in active growth. It’s also easier to remove branches when the leaves are gone.  Learn how to prune a tree.

3. Give your grass a vigorous raking.

Once the snow has melted, go over your entire lawn with the rake. Pay extra attention to any matted areas of your lawn which can have layers of dead leaves or snow mould. Raking these areas will help increase air flow to the grass and soil and help the new grass grow better. If you notice that you have a thick thatch of dead grass in your lawn, you should have it power-raked to get that out and give those new blades of grass a better chance of growing thick and healthy.

4. Tackle crab grass in the early spring.

If you’ve surveyed your lawn and notice a lot of crab grass, the best time to tackle it with a pre-emergent crabgrass control is when the temperature is 12-15 degrees Celsius. If it is warmer than this the crab grass seeds will have already begun to germinate and the pre-emergent will not be effective. Once it’s germinated, you will have a bigger battle on your hands.

5. Aerate when the ground has thawed.

Aerating your lawn in the early spring will allow air and water to reach the root zone of your lawn quicker. This will help new growth develop strong roots and grow into a thick and lush lawn. It’s important to do this before it gets too warm. When the temperature is over 15 degrees Celsius, those aeration holes in your lawn might start aiding aggressive weed seeds instead!

Edmonton Lawncare and Maintenance Company

HHS Contracting is a premier property maintenance and lawn care company serving Edmonton and surrounding communities. They offer a wide range of services for all seasons to residential, industrial and commercial customers including snow removal and all-inclusive lawn care packages.

Their VIP spring service package includes services like power raking, hi-vac cutting, early and late spring fertilizing, edging, light trash pick-up, core aeration, bagging and removal of clippings and debris.

Prepare your lawn for spring and sign up for a service package early. Contact HHS Contracting today!



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