5 Tips to Prevent a Leaky Roof

Damaged Roof Shingles Repair

If you catch a leak in your roof early enough, it could just mean a minor roof repair and a little inconvenience to you. If you don’t catch it right away or leave it too long before having it repaired, water will get into your home and cause some expensive and highly damaging problems to your attic insulation, framing, ceiling, walls and other parts of your house. Taking preventative actions and doing some routine home maintenance can help prevent too much wear, tear as well as roof leaks. Here are 5 tips to prevent a leaky roof:

1. Check and reseal your flashing.

The metal material that might be on the edge of your roof, around chimneys and roof vents is called flashing. Flashing plays a critical role in waterproofing your roof. Taking the time to inspect and maintain your flashing is a good way to ensure water is running away from your roof and not into your house. Do this yourself or contact a roofers in Edmonton for roof maintenance, rather than waiting for unexpected and mounting repair or replacement costs in the future.

2. Get regular roof inspections.

Contact a roofing contractor for a roof inspection. This is a cost-effective way to keep on top of those little repair and maintenance jobs that could become a costly issue if left for any period of time. They will be able to tell if you have any problem areas or leaks that need immediate repair or if your roof needs to be replaced all together.

3. Clean your gutters.

Over the spring, summer and fall your gutters will fill with dirt, leaves, sticks and other debris. If the water cannot run off of your roof, into the gutter drainage system and away from the house it will start to find it’s own path – which could be right into your home! Also, if it runs over your gutters instead of down your downspouts and away from the house, it could pool around your house, seep into your foundation and cause a basement leak. Clogged gutters will gather water, which will freeze and thaw multiple times over the winter and likely cause your gutters to crack or come away from the house, creating even more damage. Cleaning out your gutters in the spring and fall will prevent this from happening.

Are your gutters already damaged? Learn how to repair gutters. 

4. Trim your trees.

You’ll have less debris on your house and in your gutters if you keep your trees nice and trim. Debris from trees and plants can lead to a damaging flow of water, a disruption in draining and could cause a leaky roof.

5. Invest in a brand new roof.

If you’ve noticed that your asphalt shingles are starting to curl, peel, rot or come away from the roof it’s probably time for a roof replacement. An old and worn out roof is no longer giving your home the protection it needs against rain and snow and you could have a damaging roof leak occur. Plus, a new roof will improve your home’s energy efficiency and increase it’s resale value. Learn how to know if it is time for a new roof.

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