5 Trends for Home Renovations in Calgary

Calgary’s housing market saw a record number of home sales in March this year. So if you’re planning on doing a home renovation to sell, now is the time! But there’s also nothing wrong with going through a home renovation to enjoy yourself for years to come.

Ready to start renovating? Read on to learn all about home renovations in Calgary, including home remodeling trends and ideas.

1. Color Your Kitchen Cabinets

Since the kitchen is often considered the center of the home, you want to focus your time renovating the kitchen.

One of the home remodeling trends for this year is adding color to your kitchen cabinets. Many people choose to go with white paint, but a matte silver/blue is always a fun color to do in the kitchen. Then, of course, you can choose to put handles on the cabinets that make the kitchen area pop.

2. Add in a Home Office

If you didn’t have a home office before, now is the time to add one. Whether you add on a wing to the house or change a spare bedroom into an office, this will entice more buyers now that more people are working from home.

You could also consider changing a game room or a gym that is left unused in your home into an office space.

3. Be Sustainable

When making changes to your home, following the trend to be sustainable is in for 2022. If you need sustainable home renovation ideas, here are a few:

  • Add solar panels
  • Buy pre-owned or recycled materials
  • Consider adding energy-efficient appliances
  • Buy more plants to decorate

Not only will this help the environment, but may even save you money with the more energy-efficient remodel.

4. Consider Adding to Your Outdoor Space

If you don’t have an outdoor area, you may want to spend time adding one. Spending time outdoors is becoming more popular, so adding in a patio for entertainment or a porch to sip on a glass of wine or a cup of joe will add value to your home (and to your life!).

5. Make Your Bathroom Have a Luxury Feel

Who doesn’t love luxurious bathrooms? We’re talking free-standing tubs with jets, a walk-in steam shower, and heated floors. If you have the budget to renovate your bathroom and add in new features like this, it will drastically improve your home.

If that’s not feasible, taking out the standard shower and tub and replacing it with a walk-in shower will also increase your home value. This also makes it more handicap accessible for future homeowners.

Home Renovations in Calgary: Stay Up With the Trends

With these home remodeling trends, you’ll have one of the coolest homes on the block in no time.

And the good news for you? Home renovations in Calgary don’t have to be a daunting task but instead can be welcomed with the help of Kay 2 contracting.

Just contact us today for a free consultation, and then we can get started with your home renovation!

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