5 ways a basement renovation can make your home more liveable

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Whether you’re looking to get the kid’s toys out of your living room, the in-laws need a place to sleep or you’re working from home and need an office to maximize productivity; basements can solve a great number of living-solutions! Expand on the usable square footage of your home and increase resale value while you’re at it!

Check out our top five ways that an Edmonton basement renovation can make your home more liveable!


There’s nothing more welcoming than dragging your bags next to an old fold-out sofa complete with the dreaded uncomfortable mattress right? One of the biggest requests we get is the creation of a guest suite for in-laws and out of town friends coming to spend the night. In-floor heating, cozy carpeting, calming wall colours, and luxury linens are all ways to bring warmth and comfort into a room for your guests. Having a separate space offers guests privacy and a space to unwind after their travels. Bedside tables with built-in USB charging are great luxury ad-ins. If you’re tight on space and need the room to function for other purposes when it’s not occupied murphy beds are another great option for guest rooms.


Whether you’re into Monday night movie marathons, gaming gatherings or keeping littles happy, a theatre room can turn your average evening into an experience. With big screens more affordable than ever before, you can work with your contractor to set up the space, with all the tech requirements needed for big sound and the best picture. Soundproofing is a key component to attaining those theatre style acoustics. Be sure to choose the appropriate style flooring. Carpeting tends to work better for these spaces over a hardwood or vinyl option. Add ons like an extra layer of drywall or soundproof panels will take your renovation to the next level. Finishes like comfy reclining seats or an expansive sectional and blackout curtains complete the space. Add some popcorn, a fun flick and you’ve got the perfect recipe for family night in.


Between the shower schedule, all the teeth that need brushing and everyone getting their hair situation sorted, getting ready in the mornings can be a bit chaotic, especially if your kids are getting older and there’s limited sink space in your main bathroom. Completing a bathroom remodel for your basement offers a great return on your investment for resale and it can totally change your morning routine. With basements usually sitting on the cooler side, in-floor heating is a good idea. Getting a certified plumber involved is also a must. Unlike above ground bathrooms that rely on the natural force gravity for drainage, basements require special attention and should be taken care of by professionals to ensure you avoid any costly problems down the road. Moisture resistant materials and proper ventilation are also key to creating a functional space that will hold up for years to come.


Finishing a basement can as much as double your current living space, giving you more room to spread out. Whether you use that extra space for storage, entertaining or family fun – the options are endless making a basement completely customizable to suit your needs. Multi-purpose designs often include features like play-areas for younger children, a bar or games area for the adults and entertainment centres for the entire family. You can start by creating a list of must-haves and designing a basement build around those features. Some clients choose to add in a pool table, built-in shelving for storage and electrical components, as well as toy storage to keep mess contained and out of their other living spaces on the main level. It’s important to see a basement as solution central, solving some of the problems your current living space just can’t accommodate. Consider features like specialty lighting, durable flooring options like vinyl, and even carefully selected insulation options for the perfect multi-purpose space.


According to research from Regus Canada nearly half (47 percent) of Canadian employees work from outside their employer’s main offices for half the week or more. Whether you’re in need of a space for your full-time gig, an area to expand your creative endeavours or just a spot to sort through and file your household paperwork, adding an office to your basement can make for great use of space. Making room for multiple workstations will offer flexibility for shared use with your spouse or even the kids when they’re diving into their next school project. We make sure the finished layout and design are planned in advance to ensure electrical outlets are placed in accessible areas of the room. Custom additions like a barnwood desktop or wall shelving for storage and display will give the room a personalized touch for maximum productivity and inspiration.


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