5 Ways to Save Closet Space

Closets, overtime, can become quite cluttered. Clothes, jackets, footwear, and other belongings can accumulate over the years. It can become quite overwhelming at times, and is important to sort through now and again. The best way to get organized is with a custom closet solution, but first you have to go through what you’ve got in there!

Here are 5 tips for saving space in your closet from STOR-X Organizing Systems:

1. Sell or donate old clothes

Some clothes can be pushed to the back, neglected, or don’t fit anymore. The first and easy step is to remove clothes that are no longer worn, may have been damaged, or you simply don’t like anymore. This can begin to clear some space, and can be very cathartic, too.

A tip in deciding whether or not to get rid of something is to ask yourself: would I buy this again? If the answer is yes, keep it. If not, part with it. In doing so, you’ll establish what you will actually wear, and remove unnecessary clutter.

2. Fold some, and hang others

Different articles of clothing can be separated based on a good way of storing them. Pants, jeans, and shorts, and sweaters can be folded and stacked, rather than hung. Different shirts, blouses, dresses, and others can be hung and displayed. As well, using hangers that are the same or colour coordinated can improve the overall appearance, and making sorting clothing easier.

3. Add shelving and drawers.

Having  proper place for all of your things can make organization easier. Plus, shelves and drawers look much nicer than bins or having items stacked on the floor. STOR-X has lots of attractive and practical storage solutions for any closet, large or small.

4. Storing folded clothes in a dresser

This can act as the home for the folded clothes, as well as other accessories. This will allow more space in your closet, and allow less clutter to build up. As well, there is the added top surface to store other belongings, and overall improve organization.

5. Use vertical racks for shoes and bags

Using racks to hang belongings can provide you with more space on closet shelves. It can also display your belongings more freely, making selection easier. These racks can be used to hang bags, shoes, scarves, jewelry, and other things.

Closet and Storage Solutions in Edmonton

If you are in search of a custom closet service in the Edmonton area, STOR-X is the provider for you. They have been proudly serving Canadian homeowners for 30 years, and have great ideas for all your storage and custom closet needs.

Contact STOR-X Organizing Systems today!


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