5 Ways to Upgrade Your Deck

Has your deck looked the same year after year? They tend to be one of those features that doesn’t change substantially over time. Whether you’re looking to host an epic backyard party or simply gain more personal enjoyment from the space, the ideas below will help you transform this feature into a new and exciting area.

The Basics

 Before you start those larger deck projects, first create a solid foundation. Set aside some time to clean and re stain your deck – you don’t want dirty, grimy, or faded-looking boards! You’ll be surprised at how this simple task completely transforms the space. Additionally, it’s no secret that the weather can have substantial wear and tear on any outdoor space. Ensure that you make necessary repairs before you take on a larger project.

Add Some Comfort

Once you have the deck cleaned and repaired, you can start thinking about creative ways to spruce up the area. One way to do this involves adding comfort. Decks are perfect for entertaining guests or curling up with a novel, so make sure that there is comfortable seating. Consider wicker seating, wooden benches, or couches if you have a covered space. To make the area more decorative, consider adding some colourful throw pillows, blankets, and carpet as well.

Cover and Wrap

A wooden pergola or awning can be a great addition to any deck. Especially during those hot summer days, you’ll be happy that you have some additional shade to protect against the sun. Another important feature to consider includes railings, a component of most decks these days. This is a great way to turn your deck into a safe enclosure, especially if it’s quite high from the ground. What’s more, you can add planters, lanterns, or other eye-catching elements to your railing to boost the overall aesthetic.

Enhance with Greenery

There are so many ways to add greenery to your deck. If you have a table, consider placing some flowers in the middle to create a statement piece. Alternatively, you can plant some flowers along your steps, add some foliage along your railings, hang some pots from your pergola, or add vibrant planters in the corners of your deck. This is a great way to soften your deck’s edges and liven up the area.

Let There Be Light

Lights are essential for extending the use of your deck. As the sun sets, your dinner party guests don’t have to feel rushed, but can linger well into the evening. Lights can be added to various levels of your deck including the stairs, railings, or other architectural components like tables or walls. For steps, popular options include surface mounts, flush mounts, path lights, or LED strip lights. For railings, you can use post caps or rail lights to enhance the space. For other areas, consider spot lights, downlights, or uplights. You’ll have a more attractive and inviting space in no time.

Final Thoughts

As the summer progresses, now is a great time to revamp your backyard deck before the cold weather and snow hits. Additionally, if you’re putting your house or townhouse for sale in Toronto, having a great deck certainly helps make mls listings in Toronto more attractive. It can even boost the value of your home and resulting sold price. There are countless benefits to be gained from deck upgrades, so take a weekend to make some of these simple changes!


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