6 reasons why your furnace needs a fall tune-up

With cool nights just around the corner, your furnace is about to become an essential object in your life. Therefore, it’s necessary to ensure it’s up to the task. Scheduling a fall tune-up with one of the professional HVAC companies in Kelowna is the best way to prepare your furnace for winter.

BlackJack HVAC Ltd. in Kelowna shares 6 reasons to book a fall tune-up for your furnace:

1. Save money on heating bills

A neglected furnace does not run at peak efficiency. As a result, your monthly energy bills will be considerably higher than they need to be. This becomes painfully apparent in winter when you rely on your furnace to heat your home. However, regular professional maintenance keeps your furnace running efficiently. Ultimately, you spend less on heating bills when you opt for a fall furnace tune-up.

2. Prevent a carbon monoxide leak

A damaged or faulty furnace can release carbon monoxide into your home. Consequently, scheduling a fall tune-up for your furnace is essential for keeping you and your family safe. During an inspection, your furnace technician will check your HVAC system for any cracks that could allow this deadly gas to spread.

Carbon monoxide is known as the silent killer because it is colourless, odourless, and can be fatal. It is a severe hazard that must be dealt with responsibly. Do not skip your fall furnace maintenance.

3. Better air quality

Dust, hair, pet dander, and other airborne contaminants build up in your home’s HVAC system. Over time, these allergens clog the furnace’s filter. When this happens, your HVAC system can no longer filter air effectively. While this is particularly bad for those with asthma, proper airflow and clean air are important for every family member.

Your furnace contractor ensures your HVAC system has clean filters and that air flows through your house correctly.

4. Extend the lifespan of your furnace

The average furnace lasts 15 to 20 years. However, you can add a few more years with proper maintenance. Replacing a furnace is expensive- far more costly than your fall tune-up! By keeping up with regular seasonal maintenance and addressing repairs promptly, your furnace will last longer and run better.

5. Maintenance is cheaper than replacement or repair

At the end of the day, maintaining your furnace is more economical than repairing or replacing it. Emergency furnace repair in Kelowna is almost always expensive and can often be avoided with preventative maintenance. Your HVAC contractor will inspect your furnace for issues and keep it running at its best.

6. Prevent an unfortunate breakdown

Winter is just around the corner. You do not want your poorly maintained furnace to finally cut out during a cold night. Schedule your fall furnace tune-up with your professional HVAC technician to avoid this unfortunate situation. During furnace inspections in Kelowna, they check for any issues and make the necessary repairs. This ensures your furnace runs efficiently and reliably all winter long.

Furnace Repair in Kelowna

BlackJack HVAC in Kelowna is an experienced HVAC company with more than 15 years of industry experience. Their technicians are highly-trained, fully licensed, and incredibly knowledgeable. They are ready to get your furnace tuned up for winter.

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