6 things to consider when choosing a staircase for your home

Staircases have an essential function in our homes. But, staircases also contribute to the broader design of our home. They add visual interest, help create the aesthetic and mood, and complement the existing interior design. A beautifully designed staircase makes a statement. When choosing a staircase, there are a few factors to consider.

Artistic Stairs in Calgary and Edmonton offer a world of design possibilities for your new staircase and have manufactured staircases locally since 1979. Here are things to consider when choosing stairs for your home.

1. Space

Consider the building dimensions whenever you want to add a new feature to your home. The amount of available space dictates the design. A well-designed staircase makes the most of the space you have. The size of your house impacts the staircase design, particularly the width and shape.

2. Design

The available space and overall interior design of your home help to determine the staircase design. Stairs come in many shapes and sizes. Some of these include straight flights, curved stairs, spiral staircases, half-turned staircases, and quarter-turned staircases. Each type makes a unique visual statement. Therefore, it’s important to consider not only what category of staircase will fit best in your home, but which matches the aesthetic.

3. Materials

The materials making up your new staircase create its aesthetic. There are many options so you can choose which works best in your home. Four of the most popular stair materials are wood, glass, metal, and concrete. Wood can be painted or stained to enhance its natural colour. For traditional, modern, or rustic-themed homes, wood is an excellent choice. Artistic Stairs in Edmonton and Calgary recommend metal for bold contemporary or industrial homes, and glass for a modern look.

4. Handrails and balusters

Like all parts of a staircase, handrails and balusters must be multifunctional. They have to look good and be strong enough to bear weight. Additionally, they have to go with your home’s design. Artistic Stairs offer a variety of options for handrails and balusters. This includes wood balusters and metal railings.

5. Budget

Your budget will dictate how your staircase will be designed. How much money you have to spend affects the style, shape, size, materials, and balusters. For example, straight flights cost less than a curved staircase. Your contractor will be able to help you find the right option for your house and your budget. Custom staircases can be designed with you and your budget in mind.

Stair Builders in Calgary and Stair Builders in Edmonton

Artistic Stairs provide premium, locally manufactured spindles, stairs, railings, banisters, and more. Their team of seasoned craftsmen are highly-skilled and detail-oriented, ensuring that installation will be a breeze. They have showrooms in Calgary and Edmonton, and a large catalogue available online.

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