7 reasons to install glass railings in your outdoor and indoor space

With spring and summer on their way, it’s time to start thinking about updating your space. If your deck, balcony, or interior railings need an upgrade, this is the perfect time of year to do so. Your railings should be attractive, strong, safe, and offer good views of your home or outdoor space.

Jubilee Glass in Edmonton offers custom glass for renovations and new builds, including glass railings for interiors and exteriors. They share seven reasons why glass railings are a great choice for your indoor and outdoor space:

1. You get the best views

Wood railings block your view. Whether it’s a deck, balcony, or rooftop patio, you want to see out without obstructions. Glass railings can help to give you a better view with an unobstructed look out from your private space. The openness of glass can also help to make your space feel more expansive and add a touch of elegance to that living space.

2. It’s an eco-friendly choice

Glass is recyclable and cannot emit chemicals, unlike other railing products. For example, metals can emit dangerous matter over time due to corrosion. Unlike wood and metal, glass doesn’t require deforestation or mining to be produced. It is also completely recyclable. Choosing glass for your indoor or outdoor railing is an environmentally-friendly choice.

3. Glass railings are safe 

Glass railings are incredibly durable and safe to use. The glass panes cover the entire space, unlike traditional railings and banisters. Without that space between railings, kids and pets cannot slip through or get stuck trying. This added safety, along with the appeal of open views and improved aesthetics, makes investing in glass railings an excellent idea for your space.

4. Glass is easy to maintain

Glass is sleek and quick to clean, unlike wood and other railing materials, including carpet. You can keep them clean with a simple water and dish detergent solution, glass cleaner, or even use vinegar and water. If you have hard water, use distilled or filtered water to avoid water spots from the mineral in the water.

5. It will add value to your home

Glass added to a home’s interior and exterior design will boost visual appeal and resale value. A beautiful staircase with glass railings will act as a focal point and centre piece and can be very attractive to future buyers. Glass railings, inside and out, will keep with the sleek contemporary theme of the current housing market. That means your home will stay competitive in the market and increase in value.

6. Glass is durable

Railing glass is either tempered or laminated due to the building codes. That means it will not easily break. The glass used will be the same type of safety glass found on your vehicles, so the strength and durability can be trusted.

7. Get better prices when building

When you work with Jubilee Glass, you get the complete package. They’ll take care of the design, woodworking, and glasswork, where other glass companies only handle or bill for one or the other.

This means that if you’re doing a bathroom renovation requiring glass shower doors and installing railings on your deck or indoor staircase, they can bundle those services!

Bundling services can save about 3% on a $10K project and 7% off if your project is $20K. This unique bundling system also allows you to complete your upgrades efficiently, in addition to the overall cost savings.

Railings in Edmonton

Jubilee Glass is a leader in the custom glass industry, serving Edmonton and the surrounding areas. They have over 12 years of combined experience and knowledge when it comes to custom glass. This experience allows them to provide quality and efficient service for all projects, from home renovations upgrades to new home builds. If you’re looking for glass railings or custom glass for your home project, trust the professionals at Jubilee Glass.

Contact Jubilee Glass today to get started!

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