7 Tips for First Time Home Buyers from a Home Inspector

Blog is written by Gambit Inspections in Edmonton

At Gambit Inspections, we love helping first time home buyers in Edmonton and the surrounding area. We provide comprehensive home inspections to give your confidence in your decision. Here are some tips from an Edmonton home inspector.

1. Use a realtor you are comfortable with

When choosing a real estate agent, get a referral, feel some level of trust with who you are buying with. You never have to use the listing agent.

2. Don’t be loyal to the bank

A mortgage or lending broker can find you a superior rate. Banks can be helpful in discretionary situations, but don’t let that pigeonhole you because you get preapproved. The mortgage specialists only offer bank services at the bank.

3. Meet the neighbours

See if they’re friendly, visit the neighborhood at different times, go on a Friday or Saturday night to see what goes on. Check around for shady characters or constant noise like dogs barking.

4. Avoid short-term urges

Consider everything about the home. Make sure you like the area, you can maintain the yard and interior, your family needs won’t be more than the size of the house.

5. Do background research

Check to see all applicable permits have been issued for garages, decks, etc. Check out crime statistics in the area. If you are looking at Edmonton there is a crime map with great information. Know how much your property tax is going to be.

6. Have an emergency fund for maintenance

We highly recommend saving some money if something breaks. 3-6 months of expenses is recommended. Appliances like a hot water tank can stop working without warning.

7. Make sure you have enough money

There are closing costs, insurance, utilities, moving costs. Will you need new furniture? Many people are completely broke after the day they move in. If you need a quote for a home inspection in Edmonton, give us a call! 780-919-4573

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