8 Restful Trends in Bedroom Furnishings for 2019

Are you thinking of enhancing the décor in your bedroom with some updated furnishings or accessories? Are you having a hard time figuring out which furniture styles you’d like to choose? Would you like to create a restful haven in your bedroom? If so, perhaps you’d be interested in drawing inspiration from the furniture styles that are currently increasing in popularity. Consider the following 8 restful trends in bedroom furnishings for 2019:

1. Platform Beds

Platform beds have been trending up for more than a decade, and they’re still popular in 2019. They’re an appropriate choice of furnishings for minimalist-styled bedrooms. Tufted platform beds remain in demand, although some sources are reporting that there has generally been a slight overall decline in interest in tufted headboards since 2018.

2. Floating Beds

There’s significant interest in “floating” furnishings of many varieties. In the master bathroom, floating vanities have been popular for a couple of years now. The latest thing: Now beds are also being constructed to appear as if they are floating. A floating bed has hidden supports, and so it appears to float in the air. This is a newly evolved version of the platform bed.


Along with floating beds, we’re also seeing a surge in demand for floating wall shelves and floating headboards.

3. Round Mirrors

Statement mirrors are popular in the bedroom right now. Round mirrors with brass frames are particularly trendy – but overall, you can’t go wrong by selecting a dramatic mirror of any shape and style to hang in the bedroom.

4. Magnetic Mattress Pads

Consumers are showing interest in all kinds of magnetic furnishings, but magnetic mattress pads & toppers are at the head of the list. Why is there such interest in magnetic mattress pads right now? It’s because people are exploring the use of magnet therapy to heal everything from depression to chronic pain.

5. Leather Headboards

For those that are embracing the emerging “maximalist” style trend, richly decorated leather headboards may be of interest. Leather headboards pair well with the luxurious velvet draperies, bedspreads and other textiles that are in style right now. They’re also a fantastic choice for pairing with the genuine wood antique furnishings that are enjoying a revival in popularity at the moment.

6. Canopy Beds and Four Poster Beds

Canopy beds can be traditional in style, but they don’t have to be. There are some surprisingly minimalist canopies that are becoming a thing right now. Look for clean lines, darker colors, and sleeker, more streamlined canopies and four-poster beds than the styles that have been popular in the past.

7. Murphy Beds

A Murphy bed is a bed that drops down from the wall when you need it. It can be folded up to conserve space when you’re not using it. This type of bed is trending up in popularity. The interest in Murphy beds is coming from several different segments of the market:


  • Tiny home builders
  • Studio apartment dwellers
  • Vacation homeowners with small condominiums or multi-functional cabins that are intended to accommodate large numbers of guests

8. DIY Bed Frames Made From Recycled Pallets

Upcycled pallets perhaps don’t make the most elegant bed frames imaginable, but they do have their advantages. They’re cheap (or, in some cases, free, if you’ve recently had a shipment delivered on one). They’re abundant. Repurposing pallets appeals to the creativity of countless DIY enthusiasts. Not only that, if you place a comfortable and supportive mattress on top of a pallet, you can get a surprisingly good night’s sleep. These factors taken together make them popular for use as bed frames right now.


These are 8 of the top trends for bedroom furnishings in 2019. If you want to create a restful, relaxing and up-to-date environment in your bedroom, consider incorporating any of these elements into your bedroom décor this year.


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