9 Ultimate Ways to Sleep Better at Night

Do you struggle every night to sleep well? If yes, you are not alone as this is very common nowadays. According to a study, every third American is suffering from sleep troubles. However, the main reason behind this sleep concern is the modern lifestyle. Today, people are more depended on technology and continually work without listening to their body needs. As a result, their sleep gets affected and the night time which is meant to be the most relaxing becomes a struggle.

One thing people don’t understand these days is that their health is their real wealth and poor sleep is ravaging their body. Moreover, sleep is a natural process. Therefore, you cannot forcibly rest to acquire its benefits. You can make the most from your sleep if your body is at complete ease while sleeping.  Another fact about sleep is that it’s very sensitive, any small change or disruption can affect its quality.

If you want to improve your sleep and get the maximum benefit out of it, try on tips given here:

  1. Your body-clock settings

The human body is adaptable to changes. You can train your body to follow a fix rising and sleeping routine to get better sleep at night. Just be dedicated to a good sleep schedule and, your body will automatically help you get better sleep through the night. Also, get exposed to direct or bright light as you rise so that your body wakes up completely.

  1. Balance the ambiance in which you sleep

Your sleep environment is very crucial for better sleep. The lights, sound, temperature, and sensation, everything has to be exactly perfect for your sleep. Lights should be dim; sound should be soft and low; temperature should be cool, and the room should be filled with a soothing aroma. All of these factors will help you to relax and reduce your stress hence you can get better sleep through the night.

  1. Say goodnight to your Blue light-emitting gadgets

The soft blue light that emits from mobile phones, TVs, laptops and tablets are harmful to your sleep quality. Hence, try to avoid such gadgets in your bedroom at the time of sleep.

  1. Avoid caffeine post lunch

Even the slightest amount of caffeine after noontime can hamper your good night sleep. Caffeine affects the melatonin production within your body and keeps you awake at night.

  1. Wise Workout Session

Adding physical exercise to your daily routine can boost sleep quality. Make sure you finish your workout three to four hours preceding to your bedtime. If you are facing trouble while sleeping, meditation or mild yoga exercise before bed can be very helpful.

  1. Stop Starring at your Alarm Clock

Again-and-again gazing at you’re clock can make your mind run thousands of thoughts which can ruin your sleep. Hence make sure you don’t have direct access to the clock while trying to sleep.

  1. Use sleep supporting pillows

Most people wake up feeling tired and stiff neck in the morning. Such things happen due to a poor quality pillow. Your pillow should be of right size and shape. Too fat or too flat pillows can harm your neck while sleeping. Also, It affects your sleep quality therefore, use the apt size pillow for a better sleep experience.

  1. Keep your mattress clean and free from bacteria

Even a small disturbance felt by your body during sleep can affect your sleep quality. Most times your mattress has dirt, mold, mites, bed bugs and invisible bacteria hidden inside. It causes sneezes, sniffles, and itchiness while sleeping. As a result, your sleep is interrupted. Therefore, a clean mattress is essential for quality sleep. If you want to learn more about the mattresses and its effects on health, you can visit Voonky.

  1. Don’t over-exploit your bed

Your sleep is directly related to your bed. There is a psychological connection between your bed and brain which affects the melatonin production in the body. If you misuse your bed for all sort of activities, it becomes difficult for your brain to understand when to sleep. Therefore, avoid eating or watching movies while on a bed. In fact, you must use your bed only for sleep and sex.  This way it is easy for the brain to correlate your bed with sleep.


Better sleep can help you lead a lot better life providing you a healthy mind and body. All the tips you read above are proven ways to get the sound sleep through the night. You can try them to feel the improvement in your sleep quality.

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