Accessible Bathroom Remodeling and More

If you or someone in your family has mobility issues, or if you’re planning to age-in-place, the bathroom can be one of the most difficult and potentially dangerous rooms to use. Household injuries caused by slips and falls most often happen in the bathroom. Investing in an accessible bathroom renovation is a smart and worthwhile thing to do.

Mobility Bath is a full-service, locally owned bathroom renovation company in Edmonton. They specialize in complete bathroom replacements, including accessible bathroom remodels, and offer the latest products and fixtures in their Edmonton show room.

Helping with accessible bathroom renovations.

Bathtub to shower conversion:

Getting in and out of a bathtub can be a difficult and dangerous endeavor for anyone, let alone someone with limited mobility or someone who struggles with balance.

Mobility Bath offers low-profile acrylic shower bases that can replace the footprint of your old bath tub, allowing you or your loved one to easily walk into the shower, without having to invest in a very expensive floor-plan change. A walk-in shower is much more accessible than a traditional bath tub.

Come see what they offer in their showroom and ask about shower seats, thermostatic valves, slide-bars, hand showers and other accessible products.

Comfort height toilets:

If getting up and down is challenging, a higher toilet can help. Comfort height toilets are 17 to 19 inches high, compared to a 15-inch-high conventional toilet. A higher seat height is better for the knees and back and is ideal for the elderly, people with mobility issues and even taller people too!

Grab bars:

Because slips and falls are the main cause of household injury for seniors and people with mobility problems, installing grab bars throughout the bathroom is key to fall prevention. Mobility Bath offers aesthetically pleasing grab bars that look less ‘clinical’ than grab bars you might imagine. They can install them in the shower and tub area, near the toilet, sink or anywhere else in the bathroom you or your loved ones might need a hand.

More than just accessible bathrooms.

While Mobility Bath are the experts when it comes to accessible bathroom renovations, they can offer their expertise and products for all bathroom remodeling projects. Their business model allows you to visit their showroom, chat with an experienced representative and get a quote right on the spot. You’ll know how much your bathroom remodel will cost, right down to the penny.

A bathroom renovation involves a little bit of every type of construction including plumbing, drywall, tile and more. Mobility Bath is skilled at every aspect of bathroom renovation construction and can perform a removal and renovation of your existing bathroom in 5 days or less and offer partial renovations too. Their team will respect your property by minimizing dust and be sure to cause very little disruption to your home life during the project.

From initial consultation to clean up, the Mobility Bath team is dedicated to performing your renovation in an efficient and professional manner.

Need a bathroom renovation? Contact Mobility Bath today!


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