Accessible Bathroom Renovations

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Having a bathroom that meets every member of your family’s needs, including those with mobility issues and/or other disabilities, is very important.  If you are moving into a home that requires accessibility renovations or wish to make your current bathroom more functional for your needs, a well-designed barrier-free bathroom will maximize the usability for every person and every ability that lives in your home.

Some renovation companies in Edmonton offer barrier-free and accessible renovations for your home including bathrooms, kitchens, door-widening, lift equipment and other additions that will allow people with mobility issues or disabilities to enjoy living their own home safely.

Here are some things they will work with you on when designing your new bathroom:

Size and location of the bathroom: 

Is the bathroom even accessible?  Do you need a bathroom on each floor of the house?  How many people will the bathroom serve?  Do you have or require a bathroom attached to the bedroom?

Usually, larger more spacious bathrooms are easier to navigate for individuals with mobility limitations, especially if they use a mobility device like a walker or wheelchair.  Whether the space is large or small, the individual needs to navigate safely around the room so placement of safety equipment is also important to consider.

Placement of fixtures such as the toilet, sink, bathtub/shower.

The key to an accessibility renovation is to prevent falls.  Unfortunately, the bathroom is the room in the house that falls can occur most frequently, especially for those with disabilities or balance issues.

Your contractor will work with you and your family to ensure the configuration of fixtures within the bathroom are easy to navigate.  They will install safety grab bars beside the toilet, bathtub and/or shower and other areas to help those with limited mobility easily and safely navigate around the room.  For example, grab bars will assist with getting in and out of the bathtub or shower.

Choosing the tub, shower and toilet.

Regular bathtubs and showers should have a non-slip surface and their friendliness re-enforced with grab bars. There are a variety of mechanisms and lifts can help lower you in and out of the tub and seats can be installed in your shower if you prefer.

If you have further requirements, accessible bathtubs can be installed.  These bathtubs usually have high walls and allow you to ‘walk-in’ and easily be seated on a higher seat, avoiding having to lower way down into a traditional tub.   Accessible bathtubs and showers usually come with a variety of spa-like features and could make your bathroom experience safe, relaxing an enjoyable.

Toilets can be a variety of heights and offer a variety of different back supports.  Easy to access flushing options and maneuverability around the toilet will also be considered.

Choosing design features of the bathroom renovation.

Just like any renovation, you will have the opportunity to choose things like wall colour, countertops, back splash, flooring and lighting.  With safety in mind, non-slip flooring and task lighting should be installed to reduce falls and improve visibility throughout the room. The renovation company will ensure the room is well lit and help you design a bathroom that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Additional barrier-free bathroom considerations.

The goal of your accessible bathroom renovation is to make sure all functions of the bathroom require minimal effort and reach maximum safety.  The location and relationship of all elements in the room will be considered and carefully configured.  This includes making sure storage of items is easily reached.  For example, the things you need to get ready for the day should be easily accessible from the vanity area and things you need for bathing should be within reach of the bathtub.

They can also provide fixtures and storage options at a variety of heights and could install a place to sit down near the vanity area and sink.  All storage items will be accessible and within reach for everyone in your family, including those in a wheelchair or using other mobility assists.






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