Add stone masonry to your basement reno and boost value

Basement renovations can enhance your home’s functional living space and increase property value. Stone masonry, while often thought of as an exterior feature, can be incorporated into your basement renovation design. Not only will it improve aesthetics, but it can also continue to add value to your home.

Stone Solutions in Edmonton provides high-quality and professional stone masonry services. They share some ideas for combining their stonework with your basement renovation:

Home theatre with feature stone wall

Having your own home theatre is the perfect way to catch up on movies and spend time with the family. It’s also a popular basement renovation that adds great value. Future buyers will love having an electrical system all-ready to use or customize. Adding a feature stone wall can help add even more focal appeal and luxury to the design. Against a lighter paint scheme, a dark stone wall will easily draw the eye to the theatre space. Stone also helps add a cozy feel to a room, perfect for any movie night.

Stone wrapped basement wet bar

Wet bars are always a great addition, because they can complement any room. A game room will benefit from readily cold drinks, or a home theatre can store snacks. Wet bars are designed with the essentials like a countertop, cabinetry, and a sink and faucet. Other appliances can also be added under the counter for more customization. Adding stone wrap to the wet bar will add a sense of class and design that will become a focal point in the room. Plus, the stone can protect against spills or damage.

Add a feature wall or fireplace

No matter what your basement renovation plans might be, adding a feature wall or fireplace will always work. A second living room will appreciate the sense of coziness it adds when relaxing at home. Stone in a basement kitchen will look modern and sleek, which will definitely catch the eye of potential renters in a basement suite. Even a small addition to a basement bathroom, like in the shower, can add a welcoming spa-like touch. To further highlight that feature-wall or stone fireplace, install lights to shine on the stone.

Basement office complement

Getting the right tone and feel for an office space can be tricky. You want to combine interesting design elements, but not so much that it distracts you while working. With stone, there is no risk of colours that are too loud or a pattern that is too distracting. The classic tones of greys or browns in stone are gentle and cool colours perfect for the office. The design itself is also uniform, making it attractive to look that can match any design. Basements are also ideal for an office since you get a quiet space away from the hustle of upstairs life.

Masonry Contractors in Edmonton and Basement Renovations in Edmonton

Whether transforming the exterior or interior of your home, Stone Solutions is the company to call. Their quality stone services guarantee a change that will add value and major appeal. Their professionals can help dress up fireplaces, feature walls, outdoor kitchens, and more with natural or cultured stone.

Contact Stone Solutions today for quality home transformation!

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