Adding a second story to your home

Removing your roof and adding a whole new storey is a significant renovation that can feel daunting. Still, second story additions in Edmonton can add great value and the space you need with the right considerations and planning. Skilled major renovation companies like Four Elements Construction can help with the planning and construction phases to ensure you get the best return on your investment. 

The benefits

A second story can provide the perfect solution if you love your home and location and don’t want to move. The added square footage can provide room for extra bedrooms, more living space, or added bathrooms. Building up instead of out also means you don’t lose out on any backyard space and outdoor living. Down the road, if you decide to sell, the added value of the second story will help maximize the resale value. 

Decide your needs

Before planning the layout or budget, start with deciding what needs you have that a second story will fix. For example, maybe your family is growing, so more bedrooms are needed? Are you working from home more often and need a designed workspace with a meeting seating area? Or maybe you want to add more living and play space to add a kids’ room or secondary living room. Knowing what you need from the new addition will make creating the design, layout, and budget much easier. Read more tips for creating a renovation budget

Remember the exterior

While planning how the inside of your new addition will look or function, don’t forget about the exterior elements. Things like the walls, roofing, or a new porch may play into any major renovations in Sherwood Park. In Sherwood Park. This type of addition allows you to upgrade the look of your home’s exterior to maximize curb appeal.

New windows and doors can add extra energy efficiency and an eye-catching appeal with some colour pops. New siding can be either matched with the existing home or given a complementary look. When planning any exterior changes, talk with your contractor about the best approach. While maximizing value and appeal, you don’t want to go over budget.

Hire a professional

Adding a second story is not a DIY project, so always work with a skilled and experienced contractor for any home additions in Edmonton. Aside from helping with the planning and design, a contractor can also help you create a realistic budget. Different factors such as your home’s layout, the type of addition, materials and structural work affect the budget.

With Four Elements Construction, they bring a tried and tested 4E Process to every project. They engage with you, evolve the idea, execute the work and exceed expectations in the end. Working with a skilled contractor like their team ensures you don’t feel overwhelmed at any stage. The money you put into the project will be worthwhile, pay off, and provide an improved home you’ll enjoy for years to come. 

Looking to add a second story to your home? Contact Four Elements Construction today!


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