Adding electrical capacity for new appliances

Upgrading your home can also mean upgrading your electrical service. Appliances and devices that require more power might cause your current system to underperform or overload. Understanding your electrical capacity and what is needed to operate the new appliances will ensure your home runs safely and efficiently.

Mr. Electric of Edmonton shares information about circuit overloads and some tips for adding electrical capacity for new appliances.

Overloading a circuit

Circuit overloads happen when too many electrical devices exceed the circuit’s electrical capacity limit. As a result, the circuit will trip and cut power at the main panel when this happens. Circuit breakers are safety devices that stop electrical overloads from happening. Without them, you might experience overheating or even a fire.

Fixing an overloaded circuit

Logically, if you add up all the electrical requirements of the devices plugged into a circuit and that exceeds the limit, you need to correct it. The easiest fix is reducing the devices on that circuit. For example, plug the coffee maker into an outlet on another circuit so it doesn’t trip the breaker when the microwave runs.

However, sometimes you need more capacity than that circuit or your electrical service offers. In this case, the best electricians in Edmonton can make recommendations on an upgrade. It could include adding circuits if your panel has space or an electrical service upgrade.

Appliances that require an upgrade

Some large appliances and devices will require at least a 200 AMP electrical service to operate smoothly and safely. For example, installing a new hot tub, air conditioner, or electric vehicle charger will require significant power. You’ll need an electrical panel upgrade if you’re running on a 100 AMP service.

If you plan to install a large appliance, like a hot tub or AC, connect with Mr. Electric. They can inspect your panel and make suggestions to optimize efficiency and ensure your electrical system is running well within safe capacity.

Prepare for the future

If you’re renovating or building a new home, consider upgrading your service to at least 200 AMP simultaneously. Upgrading now will ensure you’re prepared for the future. For example, you might consider switching to an electric vehicle in a few years. Ensuring your electrical service has the capacity for an EV charger now can save you money later. It will be more cost-effective because you can rough in the conduits now while everything is under construction rather than start from scratch when you need the upgrade.

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