Adding patio doors to your backyard

Back patio doors have many benefits. It allows easy access to your deck or patio and provides more natural light into your home. Most people choose to have doors installed in their kitchen, dining or living room. Demolishing an existing wall and putting in a door where there was no door before, however, is not an easy job.

Here is the process of adding a patio door to your home, from D4 Renos in Edmonton.

Choosing a door

There are many different kinds of doors you can research and choose from before starting the project. The door could be a screen door, or a solid pop of color, double french-style doors, a sliding door, or anything you choose. It’s also good to pick the door first because you’ll be able to get the measurements and see how it will fit in your home. In some cases, a particular door might not work for your home’s specifications.

Where to put it

The next step in the process is deciding where you want your back door to lead out. Some people like to put it in or near their kitchen, allowing for more light, having a barbeque close by, or deck access. If your home doesn’t allow it to be off your kitchen, it can be in a different spot that will add convenience to your family. D4 Renos can provide insight and advice on the best spot for your new patio door.

Framing and installation

The next step, after the demolition of that portion of the wall, is to frame where the door will go. This can be tricky since there are many factors to think about. The wall will need support since it’s losing some from the door installation. It also has to be measured in such a way that the door will fit perfectly, not allowing any air to come through. You must also watch for any electrical or plumbing that are in the current wall, and they’ll have to be relocated if in the way.

Hiring a framing contractor can be useful for this because they have expertise. They’ll make the job easy on you, and ensure it’s installed properly. The framing contractors may also be able to help you install the door. If properly framed, drywalled, and sealed, the installation process should take no time at all. This is something a renovation company like D4 Renos can help with.

Framing Contractors in Edmonton

D4 Reno’s is a small family renovation company with the goal of satisfying and making the customers’ dreams come true. No matter where you’re planning to renovate your house, they will strive for the best.  D4 Renos guarantees reliable services at fair and affordable prices. They service Edmonton and surrounding areas.

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