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Choosing a home inspector is not unlike choosing a home – it’s smart to shop around and always consider what you’re getting, not just what it’ll cost you. HouseMaster offers a combination of affordable advantages that are leading the industry. 

Inspection Resource Guide:

At the start of each inspection we present our clients with our exclusive Inspection Resource Guide. It includes topics such as how to be more energy efficient, preventative maintenance schedules and valuable discounts from local companies. Also included in the Guide is a section created by HouseMaster, providing instruction how to complete 15 common home repairs and maintenance tasks.

Limited Repair Reimbursement Guarantee:

Many companies a Guarantee or Warranty on their inspections, but you’ll have to deal with third party provider to resolve claims. Here at HouseMaster we genuinely care about each of our clients. We value you too much to send you off to some stranger if things go wrong. Should issues arise after the inspection, we will personally and professionally. We will solve the problem in a fair, honest and satisfactory way, for all involved parties.

Buyer Benefits Program:

HouseMaster has negotiated special pricing & offers from select retailers to help our clients save money before, during and after their move. Just another way HouseMaster takes care of our clients.

HouseMaster Cloud:

Taking care of a home is a lot of work and can be overwhelming. To help keep maintenance and safety top of mind, HouseMaster created the Cloud for our clients. What can the HouseMaster Cloud do for you? You can keep track of product recalls, remind you of routine maintenance, store a digital home inventory, document paint colors and other finishes, keep track of utility costs, and manage remodeling and home improvement projects.

HouseMaster Concierge:

Moving into a new home is an exciting, but very busy time. Not only are our clients moving an entire household, they will also need to update their address with service providers, government agencies and various other companies. Calling all of the different companies/services can take hours over the phone! To help our clients save time and energy, HouseMaster has partnered with MoveSnap to assist our clients in getting these important tasks done. MoveSnap is a FREE online concierge service designed to provide a stress-free move. The best part is that you don’t have to call anyone, it’s all done online which means that you can update services from any device, any time, day or night.

Thermal Imaging Included on Every Inspection

Here at HouseMaster we don’t think you should pay more to get more, which is why we offer Thermal Imaging on EVERY Standard Home Inspection for no additional fee. Some inspection companies charge over $200 for this service alone. We value our clients and like to show it!

These benefits are included at o cost on EVERY inspection! What are you waiting for?

Call HouseMaster to book your home inspection today!


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