Advantages of bay and bow windows

When it comes to stunning window options, you can’t go wrong choosing the timeless look of a bay or bow window. Each style adds elevated elegance and appeals to the home, both inside and out. They are similar, but there are key differences between bay and bow windows in Edmonton to know before you choose.

Bay windows

Bay windows are made up of three openings that connect at a sharp angle. As a result, bay windows often extend farther outside than bow windows, which helps add more floor space to the room. Design-wise, the centre window is typically fixed, while the two outside frames can be fixed or can open and close for ventilation. These two outside frames are also often smaller than the middle one, which creates a quainter appearance. For modern homes and décor, a bay window is an ideal addition.

Bow windows

The main difference with bow windows in Edmonton is that they use up to four or five window frames instead of three. Rather than a sharp angle, bow windows connect in a gentle, sweeping curve that extends less outside the home. Any of the windows can be fixed or installed with an opening option for ventilation. The appearance of a bow window is more reminiscent of old Victorian houses, so it adds an elegant touch to a home’s style and design. Another benefit of a bow style is that it brings in more natural light than bay windows.

Multifunctional window seat

Both bow and bay windows can be outfitted with a very stylish and cozy window seat. The addition adds visual appeal to the home’s interior and creates the perfect window seating to enjoy the outdoor views. With a bow window, it can almost feel like sitting inside a sunroom. Window seats can also be used as additional storage, making the design a great two-in-one addition.

Boost curb appeal

Thanks to the elevated style and visual interest of bay and bow windows, it’s a great way to boost curb appeal. From the outside, the sweeping design of either window helps your home look large and grander. Painting the exterior frames an eye-catching colour is also a great way to create the focal point on the home. Even any outdoor enhancements like landscaping around the window will only further boost overall curb appeal.

Just as efficient

As an added benefit, both bay and bow windows are extremely efficient and in more ways than one. Choosing double or triple-pane glass and low-E coating will boost the function of the windows and prevent any energy loss. For ventilation, styles like casement windows are also highly efficient. They seal easily for complete security and no drafts, and the diagonal opening is ideal for catching a cool breeze. You can easily rely on the windows alone to keep your home bright, cool and stylish, all while enjoying lower utility bills.

Don’t worry about choosing between one or the other alone, especially with all the options and benefits. The professionals at GreenFox, a window company in Edmonton, are always ready to help narrow down the best match for your home and needs.

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