Advantages of cedar wood roofing

With so many different roofing products out there, you want to know you’re getting the best. It can be difficult to make this decision. Cedarwood shingles or shakes are top contenders. It has many advantages, as long as it’s installed correctly by an experienced professional.

Here are the many benefits of cedar roofing:

Cedar roofs look great

Cedar roofing offers a natural, timeless look that can pair well with most home exteriors. As far as aesthetics go, cedar roofing is extremely versatile. Some cedar shingles or shakes are stained, giving options on tone and colour.  Otherwise, you can allow the cedar to fade to an attractive silvery grey.

It’s a strong material

A misconception about cedar roofing is that wood isn’t as strong as a material compared to other roofing options. Cedar is actually a very tough material that can handle extreme weather conditions. It’s very durable and keeps out water, debris, insects, and anything else that has the potential to attack your roof. A wood roof is durable and long-lasting. Though it is more expensive than an asphalt roof, it’s long lifecycle makes it worth the investment.

It improves thermal performance

Wood is a great natural insulator. This can help prevent heat loss in the winter and hot air coming in during the summer. When ventilated properly and combined with updated attic insulation, your cedar roof can improve energy efficiency for the home. Not only will it allow you to better regulate temperature and feel comfortable at home, but it will also help bring down your heating and cooling bills.

It’s environmentally-friendly

The construction industry plays a significant role in waste being dumped into landfills. While other materials cannot be recycled, wood shakes and shingles can. Using a natural, sustainable product like cedar reduces your home’s environmental impact. You’ll go longer without replacing the roof, it’s less harmful to the planet during manufacturing, and it can be recycled afterward.

It increases the value of your home

A new roof can increase the marketability of your home and show pride in ownership. Cedar roofing is considered a ‘higher-end’ choice and can attract potential buyers in the future. It boosts curb appeal, which is essential to selling your home. You’ll benefit from the many advantages of cedar roofing, and potential buyers will.

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