Advantages of Glide-Out Shelving

Glide-out or roll-out shelving can provide effective storage solutions for your kitchen, pantry, garage, home office and any other room of the house. Learn the many advantages of this cost-effective home improvement:

Declutter and get organized.

Did you know that clutter can have a negative impact on your mental health? Studies have shown that living in clutter, or a messy space, can cause anxiety and depression. Read these 5 reasons you should clear the clutter from your life.

If you’re having a hard time keeping on top the clutter, consider installing custom glide-out shelving. They can help you organize the kitchen, bathroom, pantry or anywhere else you might require a smart and effective storage solution. With roll-out shelving, you can create an accessible space for the things you need to use, removing them from surfaces like countertops and tables.

Improve accessibility.

Whether you’re renovating to age-in-place or to better meet the needs or someone with physical restrictions, glide-out shelves should be part of that plan. Instead of having to crouch down, bend over and reach deep into a bottom cabinet, everything you need can be easily accessed by pulling out a large drawer. That means no more bending, ducking and reaching in the kitchen, bathroom or panty – just convenient and accessible storage.

Boost resale value.

Having those little extra convenient features in your kitchen and bathroom will give your home a competitive edge on the real estate market if you ever decide to sell. Buyers will be pleased to find glide-out shelving in your cabinets (and trust us, they will be looking into your cabinets). Having effective storage is important to buyers and glide-out shelving offers that as well as all the benefits we’ve already discussed above. Plus, it will make it easy for your to declutter and clean up your home for sale.

Make the most of a small kitchen.

If you have a tiny kitchen, counterspace is a premium. Having glide-out shelving will allow you to put more in your cabinets than traditional cabinet shelving and you can easily access it to. Instead of storing small appliances on the counter like mixers, blenders and toasters, taking up valuable workspace, you can easily store them away in your cabinets.

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