Advantages of Installing Glide-Out Custom Shelving

Installing gliding shelves in your cabinets can help you better utilize space, stay organized and make your things more accessible. ShelfGenie of Alberta in Edmonton offers an extensive line of custom-built, Glide-Out shelves for all areas of your home. Whether you need custom shelving for your bathroom, kitchen cabinets, pantry, home office or garage they can design a custom solution to meet your specific needs.

Advantages of Installing Custom Shelving

You can enhance your current cabinets and find a better storage solution without the expense of replacing your cabinetry completely. Learn how to organize your kitchen cabinets. 

Everything stored in your cabinets can be easily accessed. Just slide out the shelf or drawer to reach the items in the back. You can stop bending down and reach deep into the cupboard to get at those items.

Do you find that you are stacking things in your cabinets in order to fit everything in? Custom glide-out shelves will eliminate the need to do that. This will enable you to de-clutter areas of your shelves, cabinets and pantry!

When you work with ShelfGenie of Alberta, they will create custom shelving to fit your specific needs and that means they will be created to store your specific things! Knowing the items that will be on the shelves, they can make sure everything has its own place so your drawers stay organized and you will always know where to find everything.

With creative design, you can greatly expand the use of your existing space by using every inch of your cupboard. In some cases, you can increase your usable space up to 50%.


The Process

When you decide to install custom Glide-Out shelfing in your home, ShelfGenie of Alberta will send an experience and skilled designer to your home to get to know your unique needs and design tastes. This is a FREE in-home design consultation with no sales pressure or commitment required from you. You’ll enjoy the experience as their designers are friendly, making the process fun and easy.

Then the designer will create and provide a custom solution on the spot, still with no obligation to purchase anything. Having a detailed custom plan will improve access and storage of your existing space up to 50 percent.

Once you see the design, cost and decide to move forward with the project, your custom shelving will be professionally installed. They will handle everything from measurement through construction of the shelving and installation. Your Glide-Out shelves will have a lifetime guarantee.

Now you can start to enjoy your new cabinets! Your items will be organized, within reach and you’ll reap the benefits of your new custom Glide-Out shelving.

Cabinet, Closet & Storage Solutions in Edmonton

ShelfGenie is proud to have the best quality Glide-Out shelves available to homeowners. Their process, service and dedicated team of professionals will ensure your completely satisfied with your new custom storage solutions. By providing better access, improved storage and more organizational options, their Glide-Out shelves have allowed homeowners to fall in love with their cabinets and pantries all over again.

Set up a FREE in-home consultation with ShelfGenie of Alberta!


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