Advantages of Phantom® Retractable Screen Doors

phantom screen doors

There are many benefits to installing Phantom® retractable screen doors in your home. Whether you’re installing it at the back door or your kitchen’s large sliding doors, a retractable screen door will fit seamlessly in your home’s design. It will provide a functional screen door that will allow the best parts of the outdoors while keeping the pesky things, like mosquitoes and the glaring sun, out!

Solaris in Edmonton shares why you need to install these functional and innovative door screens in your home or cottage:

They’re versatile:

Phantom® screen doors can be designed to fit a variety of doorways, making a seamless addition to your home. They may be custom fitted to nearly any type of door, whether it be the set of French doors that open to your balcony, your back door or the sliding kitchen doors that open to your back patio. Solaris will create a custom screen solution that is tailored to meet your specific needs.

They come in a wide range of colours and styles:

You won’t have to worry about your Phantom® screen door matching your home’s style or design. They are not intrusive and come in a variety of colours and styles. Choose from a signature colour or even a selection of wood grain finishes to perfectly match your new door screen with the existing features and décor of your home.

They offer optimal function:

retractable screen (640x427)Phantom® screen doors allow in cool breezes and easy access to the outdoors in the spring, summer and fall. They also block insects from getting inside, provide shade against the sun’s hot rays and offer additional privacy for your home’s interior. Ask Solaris about the sturdy latching handle mechanism in the Legacy screen door model to further prevent accidental opening.

They offer high performance:

You might have experienced issues with a broken screen door leading out to your deck in the past. It ripped easily or would always come off the track, making it very frustrating to fix and operate.  You won’t have those problems with a Phantom® screen door. These retractable screens are sturdy and durable, while still maintaining a subtle, sleek and low profile so it easily slides into place or out of sight. They live up to their reputation for durability and near-invisibility.

They can be repaired:

Accidents can occasionally happen. Fortunately, the mesh on your Phantom® screen door can be replaced if it is somehow damage and most of the parts can also be repaired or replaced. Excluding the mesh itself, your screen door will also be covered under a lifetime warranty and the labour will be covered for two years.

Choose the Legacy model for a secure latching handle: 

The Phantom® Legacy retractable screen is similar to the original Professional in style and quality, but offers a latching handle mechanism instead of  magnets. The latch and release system is the very first of its kind, and is easy to use and secure against accidental opening. Available as a brand new installation or as an upgrade to a previously installed Professional door screen, the Phantom® Legacy retractable screen will be a welcomed upgrade to your home.

Contact Solaris in Edmonton for your Phantom screen door installation!

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