All About Interior Design

What is Interior Design?

What do you first think of when someone mentions interior design?  The way a room looks?  How the countertops perfectly compliment the back splash in the kitchen? Though those aesthetic features are part of interior design, there is so much more to it than that.

Interior design includes all design elements for the inside of your home including functionality, safety, health, appearance and creating an environment that meets your goals and increases the enjoyment of your home. Jostar Interiors in Edmonton shares more:

What is an Interior Designer?

Interior Designers are skilled professionals who combine education and training with their own creativity and passion for design to help homeowners reach their goals for the specific space.  From new construction, major home remodels or small to mid-range renovations, a professional interior design company has the experience, education and knowledge to bring your project from conception to completion with the best results.

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Working with an Interior Designer?

When you work with an interior designer like Jostar Interiors, they will help you get the most out of your space.  They will work with you to show you design solutions you haven’t imagined yet and they know what will look best.  They can see the big picture and help you envision the finished product before the work even begins.  Whether you have a dream design in mind or are starting from scratch, a professional interior designer knows exactly what needs to be done to bring that space to life.

More specifically, an interior designer will create a professional design plan for your home renovation or construction project. That includes floor plan drawings, elevations and 3D renderings of the design. They’ll help with space planning, solving design dilemmas and when the design is complete, can work as a project manager during the construction stages.

They do this for a living and it is something they are passionate about. That means they are creative, experienced, trained, knowledgeable and efficient, saving you a lot of time and energy during your renovation project.  They have access to resources including finishing materials, products and even home decor. Jostar Interiors can act as a liaison between you and the suppliers and contractors working on your home. Having a professional manage your project will ensure it goes as smoothly as possible. They will make sure your expectations are met or exceeded!


Before and after kitchen renovation designed by Jostar Interiors

An Interior Designer may also help take care of:

– Necessary permits and regulatory approvals.
– Budget and scheduling.
– Selection of finishes, features, fixtures and furnishings.
– Overseeing and evaluating progress throughout the project to ensure it’s completed as desired and on schedule.

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More Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer

Hiring an interior designer has many benefits.  Remodeling is expensive and hiring a professional interior designer ensures the job will be done right and will look and function how you wanted it to, if not better than that.  Having a professional design your space will increase property value and make it more attractive to potential buyers if you decide to sell.

Interior Designers in Edmonton

At Jostar Interiors Ltd., their goal is to provide you with the best complete interior design and decorating service possible. They pledge to always offer you creative designs, quality merchandise and affordable prices. You can depend on them for friendly, superior service throughout the entire process.

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