All you need to know about concrete resurfacing

Is your concrete driveway looking cracked or starting to show its age? If so, an unsightly driveway does a lot of harm to your curb appeal and the overall value of your home, not to mention the troubles that come with uneven, spalling concrete. Instead of paying to replace the concrete completely, consider the greener and cost-effective option of resurfacing.

Concrete Options in Edmonton is a professional concrete resurfacing company. They share more about their rubber paving resurfacing and the benefits below:

Concrete replacement

Traditionally, when damaged concrete needs repairs or replacing, the process is quite labour intensive and intrusive. The old surface is first broken up and removed, and then the new surface is poured and set. Between the labour required and the longer project time (30days before you can drive on it), it’s a more expensive undertaking than resurfacing. If the damage is minor enough, you can simply repair the concrete surface instead. Repairing minor cracks before they worsen will help save your surface. Still, the cracked concrete will continue to move, and the damages will continue.  Instead of paying for constant repairs, consider the flexible resurfacing option.

Concrete resurfacing

Resurfacing is a two-in-one solution that both repairs your concrete surface and gives it a whole new look. Rubber Paving, using recycled tires is a popular option. Once applied, the new surface adheres with the old for a brand-new look.

Compared to concrete overlay resurfacing, rubber is superior in its durability, resistance to elements, cost, slip-resistance, and eco-friendly advantage. Making your surface more enjoyable. Using recycled tires for the rubber resurface makes your new surface eco-friendly and offers a lower carbon footprint. It’s also a much faster process, requires less cure time, and is a less costly way to restore your concrete surface. Rubber Paving, with added coloured rubber, can also mimic looks like gravel or stone and will do a lot of good to boost your home’s curb appeal.

Keeping Your Concrete Surface Fit

To get the most out of your concrete surface before it needs to be resurfaced, it needs the right care. Applying a concrete sealer will help protect the surface from free thaw cycles over the winter. If water seeps beneath the surface of the concrete and freezes, it can cause cracks and serious damage. Cleaning the surface at least once a year will keep it clean of any stains or dirt buildup. It’s also important to repair any minor cracks or damage as soon as possible. When water gets in those cracks, it will damage the surface more with the freeze and thaw cycles in the winter.

Rubber Paving in Edmonton

Concrete Options are a team of highly experienced and passionate rubber paving experts. They work closely with every customer to provide the perfect solution and at the perfect price. Their commitment to green practices means you can boost your home’s value while lowering your environmental footprint.

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