All you need to know about hydronic heating

You may have investigated hydronic heating if you’re considering upgrading your heating system. While sometimes highlighted as a luxurious addition to a master bathroom, it’s a great whole home option. However, before committing, it’s important to know all about hydronic heating and its benefits.

Oceanside Mechanical in Coquitlam is a professional plumbing company that offers a wide range of services. They share all you need to know about hydronic heating:

What is hydronic heating?

Unlike a forced air system that heats and blows warm air through your ducts and home, hydronic heating uses liquids. By heating the liquid in its system, it distributes it through tubes (installed beneath the floors) and radiates heat. Baseboard heating units or radiators can also be linked with hydronic heating. One of the main benefits of this system is its efficiency, cleanliness, and comfort.

Creates even heating

Because hydronic heating is a liquid that travels around to create the heating, you have more control over temperature. Instead of one thermostat with a set house temperature, different rooms can have their own temperature. At nighttime, that can mean that one room is nice and toasty while another can enjoy a cooler temperature. That also helps prevent any uneven heating in the home, such as hot or cold spots. The heating will always be even and precisely to your control.

It’s a quiet system

While you can get forced air systems that run quietly, there is always some noise. For example, when a furnace fires up, or the house creaks and groans as warm air travels around. With a hydronic heating system, there really is no noise. The system just starts running and creates warmth throughout without making any sound. During the winter months, especially when the house is already cold, you’ll definitely notice and enjoy the stillness and warmth.

It’s healthier 

Forced air systems need regular maintenance to keep running smoothly and your home safe. When an air filter becomes dirty, it blows around dust and other allergens that can worsen allergy systems. Forced air can also pull moisture out of the air and cause dry skin, eyes, and irritated throats. Hydronic heating avoids those troubles thanks to its radiant heating method. Heat is transferred from the floor and into objects (ourselves) to create heat and warmth, just like the sun. By doing so, there is no air blowing around causing dryness and allergic reactions.

Enjoy luxury in any room

Hydronic heating is popularly paired with bathrooms to create that luxurious feeling of a spa space. However, it’s not the only space where you can enjoy hydronic heating. The system can be installed throughout your home, so any floor will be nice and toasty in the morning. If you have tiles in the kitchen or main floor, don’t worry about cold feet. Hydronic heating can easily tailor your heating needs and enjoy a boost in comfort and savings.

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