All you need to know about vinyl decks

When it comes to building a new deck, you want to choose the best material for your investment. Decks are long-lasting and add major value, so that initial decision counts. Vinyl is both durable, easy to maintain, and has many other benefits.

Chephren Building Solution in Edmonton is a high-quality deck building company. They share more information about vinyl decks and why they are a great choice for your home:

Vinyl can protect your deck for years to come

As a synthetic material, vinyl decks immediately offer more benefits than traditional materials. With vinyl decking products, there is never a risk of splinters, water damage, or loose hardware. It also resists any mould or mildew growth and doesn’t fade in the sun.

Vinyl has a long lifespan, upwards of 20 to 30 years, and with little maintenance. Once installed, there isn’t a need to regularly paint or stain the deck either. That way, over the years, you’ll continue to save money and enjoy the benefits. Vinyl Duradek decks also provide superior waterproofing solutions that completely seal and protect your new deck. No matter the climate or weather, your deck will stay safe.

Appearance and customization

Vinyl decks offer a wide range of different appearances with various lengths and widths to fully customize. As for colour, you’ll have lots to choose from. Different shades can make your deck blend in with your home or turn it into something that will stand out. If you love the look of wood, then vinyl decks can also mimic the appearance of wood. Technology advancements have allowed it to look completely realistic as well, even including wood grain patterns. No matter your home’s style, your deck can be made to match or complement the design.

Cost and installation

Cost-wise, vinyl decks are an affordable and budget-friendly option. The quality you get for the price is an investment that is well worthwhile and long-lasting. Installation wise, decks should be left to a skilled and experienced professional. While a DIY job may save you some money initially, the long-term savings aren’t as guaranteed. With a professional’s help, your deck installation will be handled with care, and the results will show. They’ll guarantee that it is built to last over the years so that your investment is secure. You also won’t be limited to building a small deck that’s within your building skill set when a professional can help instead.

Deck Builders in Edmonton

At Chephren Building Solution, high-quality decks with long-lasting value are what they proudly provide. Their professionals only offer the best of everything from work, service, and deck results. Whether you need a new deck, a waterproofing solution, or new deck railings, they are ready and waiting to give you a solution.

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