All you need to know about walkout basements

Whether you are planning to renovate a basement into a walkout or already own one, a walkout is an ideal home addition. It adds valuable space, many customization options, and appealing outdoor access. But before investing in any changes, there are a few things to know about these basements.

Kos Builders in Calgary are a professional basement renovations company. There share all you need to know about walkout basements to make the suitable investment:

So what is a walkout basement?

As its name suggests, a walkout basement is a type of basement with its own entry and exit from the main home. That can either mean a small entrance door for a legal suite or a set of double doors that leads out to the garden. Walk-outs works best if your home is built on a hill, but entry doors directly to the basement can be put in regardless.

The benefit of a walkout is that the space feels independent while still being part of the whole home. It’s a great area to set up as an entertainment space or link an outdoor kitchen or living space to the basement. 

What are the benefits?

Walkout basements come with many benefits compared to regular basements. As walkouts have more space and room to have doors and larger windows, they tend to be much brighter. That natural lighting makes it an ideal space to set up as a secondary living room, play area, or legal suite. It also offers increased privacy as basements are designed to have higher soundproofing. That makes it ideal for a home office or even a creative studio for home hobbies.

Most of all, a well-designed walkout basement adds excellent value as a long-term investment. Walkout basements offer new living possibilities that won’t soon go out of date. Whether you intend to live in your home long-term or plan to sell eventually, a walkout will appeal to many interested buyers. 

What should I consider?

While there is plenty of appeal to a walkout basement, there are also things to consider. Most importantly, there are legal requirements if you don’t already have a walkout. Land conditions and permits are needed before any excavation can begin. A professional contractor can help with that assessment to ensure everything is legal before you start planning. Depending on your home, your basement may also need a sump pump installed to prevent water leakage and costly damage.

Budgets and costs will likewise factor into any walkout basement renovations, which can range depending on those plans. A home theatre, for example, is appealing and enjoyable, but it needs electrical wiring and the right screen. A home gym needs the right flooring, space, and lighting to be efficient. That said, it’s worthwhile if the investment is the right choice for your home and lifestyle. Before taking the next step, talk with your contractor to ensure you have the proper budget, game plan and vision.

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