Always Avoid DIY Garage Door Repair

Your garage door is a hardworking system that gets used multiple times a day. It is susceptible to some wear and tear over the years and might require occasional service and garage door repair. If it’s making a lot of noise, is off the tracks, slams down or sometimes have a delay opening or closing, you should call in a garage door installation and service company like Perfection Overhead Door in Edmonton. Here are some reasons why you should always avoid DIY garage door repair:

Components of your garage door are dangerous.

Many components, especially your garage door springs and cables, can pose a real safety hazard if not dealt with properly. Garage door springs hold an incredible amount of tension, enabling the door to open and close every time you engage the opener. If the spring is damaged, rusting or loose it might cause the garage door to slam down, crushing anything or anyone beneath it.

Also, trying to replace damaged springs or cables yourself is incredibly dangerous. A spring or cable can whip out suddenly if you’re not experienced or using the right method or tools, causing serious injury or even death. More than the physical risk, they can also greatly damage your vehicles or other things stored in the garage.

Professionals have the expertise and proper equipment.

No amount of watching online how-to videos will match years of practical experience. When doing such a dangerous job, you want to make sure you completely understand the mechanics of your garage door, have experience safely removing and replacing potentially dangerous components and the right tools to do the job correctly and safely.

Perfection Overhead Doors can inspect your garage door and its springs to see if they have sustained wear and/or damage. If they look deteriorated, they’ll suggest a replacement. They can also service other parts of your garage door system like lubricating parts of it and replacing things like tracks, nuts and bolts. If required, they can adjust your garage door, so it doesn’t jerk open and closed, and so it’s perfectly balanced. A garage door that is out of balance can cause more wear and tear on other components of the system.

Garage Door Repair in Edmonton

Perfection Overhead Doors serves the Edmonton region, specializing in overhead door installation and service. They pride themselves on professional and quality craftmanship. They also carry the widest assortment of top quality replacement parts for all models and can usually have your garage door and/or opener functional the same day.

Need garage door installation or repair? Call Perfection Overhead Doors!


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