Always test for asbestos before renovating

If you plan on renovating all or part of a home that was build in the 1990s or prior, you should always shave a professional asbestos testing and remediation company like Enviro Doctors in Winnipeg test for asbestos. In the mid 1990s and earlier, asbestos was commonly used in a lot of building materials including ceiling and floor tiles, drywall compound and insulation. If you happen to have materials that contain asbestos in your home, you could put you and your family at risk during repairs and renovations.

What happens when asbestos is inhaled?

Asbestos is hazardous when the fibers become airborne and are inhaled, making demolition or other parts of your renovation particularly dangerous. Drilling, sawing, tear out old materials and many renovation practices can cause asbestos fibers to become airborne, making it impossible not to inhale the fibers. When these fibers lodge into you lung tissue, they can cause a few very serious health complications including:

Asbestosis: This is a chronic lung diseased that can scar your lungs making it difficult to breath and give you severe chest pain.

Mesothelioma: This is a type of cancer that develops on the thin layer of tissue that covers your organs, including your lungs and chest cavity wall.

Lung cancer: Long-term exposure to asbestos is a know cause of lung cancer.

Respiratory issues: Breathing in asbestos can also cause chronic bronchitis, pneumonia and other respiratory disorders.

Read more about the risk of asbestos.

How can an asbestos remediation company help?

Testing for asbestos is affordable, and well worth it compared to putting your health at risk. The Enviro Doctors will be able to determine if any of the materials in your home have asbestos and can professionally remove and dispose of it for you. They are experienced and trained professionals that will know where to look for this hazardous material.

A technician will arrive at your home and inspect the materials. They will safely and carefully take a sample of the materials to a laboratory for testing. If the results come back that you have asbestos in your home, Enviro Doctors will lay out all your options for professional remediation.

Thinking about renovating? Contact the Enviro Doctors first!

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