An Electrician Can Help Your Business Save Energy

When your business saves energy, it will also save money and that’s better for your bottom line. Though replacing some of your electrical systems and appliances require an initial investment, they will save you money in the long run. Energy Efficiency Alberta is offering incentives to businesses who choose to replace some of their outdated, energy-wasting equipment with new high efficiency products.

Save energy and money with Energy Efficiency Alberta

Business owners, non-profit organizations and institutions in Alberta can reduce their carbon footprint and their energy costs by taking advantage of the Business, Non-Profit and Institutional Energy Savings Program. This program offers incentives to eligible organizations if they choose to replace their energy-using products with new high-efficiency ones. Once your project is approved by Energy Efficiency Alberta, you will get a cheque that will help cover the cost.

You must have the work and installation done by an approved contractor that is certified under this program. Antler Electrical Services in Edmonton is a certified electrical contractor that can help you replace your outdated and inefficient equipment, so you can reduce emissions and start saving energy. They will also take care of all the necessary application documents on your behalf. Not only will you be reducing your carbon footprint, which is great for the planet, you will also be reducing your energy bills, which is better for your organization!

Specific electrical jobs and products eligible for the rebate including replacing your interior and exterior lighting with LED bulbs or florescent lighting, installing energy efficient interior and exterior daylight controls and installing efficient load sensing plug strips. Antler Electrical can take care of these jobs for you.

Learn more about making your organization more energy efficient with Energy Efficiency Alberta.

More electricity savings tips for your organization:

Antler Electrical gives a few tips electricity savings:

– Make sure all lights are turned off when the room is not in use. How often do you leave your storage room or board room lights on when no one is in there?

– Swap out your incandescent bulbs with a more efficient bulb like compact fluorescent bulbs or better yet, LED lights.

– Invest in LED signage for your exterior sign or exit signs.

– Install dimmer switches to allow you to adjust the light intensity in the room.

– Install motion detectors in areas like the washroom, copy rooms and other frequently unoccupied rooms.

– Have an electrician rewire your bathroom fans so they come on and off automatically with the lights.

– Consider installing a control lighting system that can be programmed to adjust the light automatically as needed.

Electricians in Edmonton

Antler Electrical Services is a family owned and operating business that serves Edmonton and area. They offer full electrical services for both residential and commercial projects both big and small. They believe in keeping costs reasonable while still providing the highest quality of workmanship. As a licensed and insured electrical contractor, they can help you with all of your electrical needs.

Contact Antler Electrical Services today!


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