An Interior Decorator Will Make Your House a Home

Why hire an interior decorator?

Your home is your biggest investment and most likely you have invested in renovations over the years to update your kitchen, bathrooms and main living areas. Yet, you find that your home is lacking cohesiveness or each room has a personality of its own, making for a very disjointed and confusing look to your home. Perhaps you have a beautiful contemporary kitchen, but the rest of the home screams old traditional and you now need to renovate the entire house to “match” the look of your new kitchen, even if you were planning to just update the kitchen. Another scenario may be that you recently purchased a brand new home and spent a small fortune in new furnishings, yet it still doesn’t look quite right or feel like a “home”.

Hiring an interior decorator should be your first step even before you tackle a major renovation or furnish a new home. Professional interior designers and decorators in Calgary will help you bring your brand new renovation, your personal tastes and the style of the rest of your home together. Let them help you plan ahead and lend a fresh eye to your home’s possibilities.

New Kitchen

New Kitchen

3 Key factors to consider when decorating your home:

The architecture of your home.

Have you been in a home where the inside does not match the outside? A little disconcerting, right? Unless you plan to tear down the your home and start from scratch, consider the facade of your home. Is it traditional or modern?

Calgary Interior Decorators will help you make the right choices for your home by creating a cohesive plan or road-map for the whole home with paint colours for walls and trim, lighting choices, along with interior and/or exterior selections, even if you only plan to do one room at a time. They will work with the renovation company of your choosing or have contacts for licensed contractors that they have worked with in the past.

With furnishings, an interior designer or decorator will help cull furniture that no longer works in your space but keep the pieces you love and design accordingly with these special pieces for a more pulled together look; or simply rearrange the furniture that you already own and make suggestions for further improvements.

Your personal style (or blend of different styles):

There are usually two decision makers in the process, yourself and an significant other. You may be able to agree on some things and have definite likes and dislikes. An interior decorator can help you blend your personal styles together in a way that is seamless yet reflects your unique styles. An interior designer can shop different stores to bring that eclectic look together by devising a plan for furniture placement and selecting furniture, fabrics and accessories to help create the ambiance that you are striving to create. Learn how to choose living room furniture.

Your budget:

Do you love a certain look, but it exceeds your budget? A professional interior designer can help you decide where to splurge and where to be economical without sacrificing the look that you hope to achieve, by sourcing the best prices for products and combining it with more economical materials in creative ways for a high-end sophisticated look.


For more information, read “4 Reasons to an Interior Designer“.

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