Are cheaper plumbing fixtures from big box stores still high quality?

If you’re renovating the bathroom or kitchen, the plumbing fixtures are a significant component of the project. Faucets, showerheads, and toilets can be purchased directly through your renovation company from a high-quality plumbing supplier or a big box store. They might look the same, but are they the same quality?

O’Brien Contracting offers home renovations and custom homes in Fraser Valley and the Lower Mainland. They share more information about comparing plumbing fixtures and why high-end products are worth the investment.

They might look the same, but they’re not

Big box stores will carry the same name brands you recognize, but sometimes manufacturers alter their products to make it cheaper for these stores. The larger companies negotiate with the manufacturers for a lower price. In turn, they get a less expensive product. They might look the same, have a similar model number, or even come in the same box. However, sometimes unnoticeable differences make the big box store version inferior.

For example, the fixture might have plastic parts inside of it instead of higher-quality brass parts. There might be metallic paint over plastic parts or they might be generally lower quality. Sometimes, the product will be the same but won’t come with the same warranty or any warranty.

Plus, you’ll want expert advice when choosing fixtures for your renovation. Often it can be hard to find the advice you need in the aisles of a large box store. Expert advice and guidance are things you’ll always find at a specialized plumbing supply store and when you work with Chilliwack renovation contractors like O’Brien Contracting.

High-quality products last longer

If you’re doing kitchen or bathroom renovations, and you’re on a tight budget, it might be tempting to go for the cheaper products. They might look good, but it’s essential to consider the longevity of your investment. Inferior products will have cheap parts that will break easily. The convenience of shopping at a box store, and the lower cost, will not be worth it if you have to repair or replace your brand new fixtures prematurely. No one wants to buy a new toilet twice.

Find inspiration and tips for choosing plumbing fixtures for your renovation.

Plumbing supply stores can ensure quality

When you work with O’Brien Contracting, for eco-friendly custom homes in Chilliwack or renovations, they’ll ensure your fixtures and plumbing supplies come from a reputable supplier. You’ll learn about products that are made for durability, longevity, and function. When you visit a supplier’s showroom, you’ll get personalized customer service from a knowledgeable and experienced expert. You can browse your options and make an educated decision on the fixtures that will work best for you and your bathroom renovation or kitchen remodel.

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